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Adjective, Noun


Noun extreme has 2 senses

Adjective extreme has 4 senses


extremea. [L. extremus, superl. of exter, extrus, on the outside, outward: cf. F. extrême. See Exterior.].
  •  At the utmost point, edge, or border; outermost; utmost; farthest; most remote; at the widest limit.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Last; final; conclusive; -- said of time; as, the extreme hour of life.  [1913 Webster]
  •  The best of worst; most urgent; greatest; highest; immoderate; excessive; most violent; as, an extreme case; extreme folly.  [1913 Webster]
    "Yet extreme gusts will blow out fire."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Radical; ultra; as, extreme opinions.  [1913 Webster]
    "The Puritans or extreme Protestants."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Extended or contracted as much as possible; -- said of intervals; as, an extreme sharp second; an extreme flat forth.  [1913 Webster]
    " Although this adjective, being superlative in signification, is not properly subject to comparison, the superlative form not unfrequently occurs, especially in the older writers. “Tried in his extremest state.” Spenser.Extremest hardships.” Sharp.Extremest of evils.” Bacon.Extremest verge of the swift brook.” Shak. “The sea's extremest borders.” Addison."  [1913 Webster]
Extreme and mean ratio (Geom.), the relation of a line and its segments when the line is so divided that the whole is to the greater segment is to the less. -- Extreme distance. (Paint.) See Distance., n., 6. -- Extreme unction. See under Unction.
  •  The utmost point or verge; that part which terminates a body; extremity.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Utmost limit or degree that is supposable or tolerable; hence, furthest degree; any undue departure from the mean; -- often in the plural: things at an extreme distance from each other, the most widely different states, etc.; as, extremes of heat and cold, of virtue and vice; extremes meet.  [1913 Webster]
    "His parsimony went to the extreme of meanness."  [1913 Webster]
  •  An extreme state or condition; hence, calamity, danger, distress, etc.  Shak.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Either of the extreme terms of a syllogism, the middle term being interposed between them.  [1913 Webster]
  •  The first or the last term of a proportion or series.  [1913 Webster]
In the extreme as much as possible. “The position of the Port was difficult in the extreme.” J. P. Peters.


extreme, adj. & n.
1 reaching a high or the highest degree; exceedingly great or intense (extreme old age; in extreme danger).
2 a severe, stringent; lacking restraint or moderation (take extreme measures; an extreme reaction). b (of a person, opinion, etc.) going to great lengths; advocating immoderate measures.
3 outermost; furthest from the centre; situated at either end (the extreme edge).
4 Polit. on the far left or right of a party.
5 utmost; last.
1 (often in pl.) one or other of two things as remote or as different as possible.
2 a thing at either end of anything.
3 the highest degree of anything.
4 Math. the first or the last term of a ratio or series.
5 Logic the subject or predicate in a proposition; the major or the minor term in a syllogism.

extreme unction the last rites in the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches. go to extremes take an extreme course of action. go to the other extreme take a diametrically opposite course of action. in the extreme to an extreme degree.
extremely adv. extremeness n.
ME f. OF f. L extremus superl. of exterus outward



Draconian, Thule, Ultima Thule, a bit much, abandon, abandoned, abnormal, acme, acute, aggrandized, aggrandizement, all, amplification, amplified, anarchistic, anarcho-syndicalist, apex, apogee, at the height, ballyhoo, ballyhooed, bibulous, big talk, bigoted, bitter end, bizarre, blowing up, bordering, borderline, bottom dollar, boundary, bounding, boundless, boundlessness, bounds, breakaway, burlesque, butt, butt end, caricature, caudal, ceiling, climax, coastal, conclusive, conservative, constrictive, consummation, crapulent, crapulous, crest, crown, culmination, cutting, deep, definitive, depth, desperate, determinant, determinative, determining, different, dilatation, dilation, disproportionate, distant, dizzy, drastic, eccentric, egregious, egregiousness, end, endmost, enhancement, enlargement, enormous, enormousness, eventual, exaggerated, exaggerating, exaggeration, exceedingly, exceptional, exceptionally, excess, excessive, excessiveness, excruciating, exorbitance, exorbitancy, exorbitant, exotic, expansion, exquisite, extraordinarily, extraordinary, extravagance, extravagancy, extravagant, extremely, extremes, extremism, extremist, extremistic, extremity, fabulous, fabulousness, factious, fag end, fanatic, fancy, far out, far-off, farthermost, farthest, farthest bound, farthest off, fierce, final, fringing, frontier, furious, furthermost, furthest, giantism, gigantic, gigantism, gluttonous, gluttony, go to extremes, grandiloquence, grandiloquent, great, greatest, haggard, harsh, height, heightening, hidebound, high, high-flown, highest degree, huckstering, hyperbole, hyperbolic, hyperbolism, hypertrophied, hypertrophy, immoderacy, immoderate, immoderateness, immoderation, in the extreme, incontinence, incontinent, indulgent, inflated, inflation, inordinacy, inordinance, inordinate, inordinateness, insurgent, insurrectionary, intemperance, intemperate, intemperateness, intense, intolerable, irrational, jumping-off place, keen, kooky, last, limbic, liminal, limit, limiting, limits, littoral, magnification, magnified, marginal, maximum, mildly radical, monstrous, monstrousness, most, most distant, moving, mutineering, mutinous, nadir, ne plus ultra, nib, nihilistic, nimiety, notable, noteworthy, nth degree, offbeat, out of bounds, out of sight, outermost, outmost, outrageous, outrageousness, outre, outstanding, overbig, overdeveloped, overdevelopment, overdone, overdrawn, overemphasis, overemphasized, overemphatic, overenthusiastic, overestimated, overestimation, overgreat, overgreatness, overgrown, overgrowth, overindulgence, overindulgent, overindulging, overkill, overlarge, overlargeness, overmuch, overmuchness, overpraised, overreligious, oversold, overstated, overstatement, overstressed, overweening, overwrought, overzealous, peak, perfervid, piercing, pink, pinnacle, poignant, point, polar, pole, prodigal, prodigality, profuse, profuseness, puffed, puffery, puffing up, queer, rabid, radical, radicalism, rebel, rebellious, red, remarkable, remotest, restrictive, revolutional, revolutionary, revolutionist, rigid, rigorous, rimming, riotous, rough, seditionary, seditious, self-indulgent, sensationalism, severe, sharp, skirting, splitting, steep, stern, stiff, stretched, stretching, strict, stringent, stub, stump, subversive, summit, superlative, swing, swinish, syndicalist, tag, tag end, tail, tail end, tall talk, terminal, terminating, terminative, the whole, threshold, tip, too much, too-muchness, top, tough, touted, touting, towering, traitorous, travesty, treasonable, turbulent, ultimate, ultra, ultra-ultra, ultraconservative, ultraist, ultraistic, ultrazealous, unbridled, uncommon, uncompromising, unconscionable, unconscionableness, unconstrained, uncontrolled, unconventional, undisciplined, undue, undueness, unfrugal, unlimited, unmeasurable, unmeasured, unreasonable, unreasonableness, unrestrained, unrestrainedness, unthrifty, unusual, unusually, unwarranted, utmost, utmost extent, uttermost, vehement, venomous, very, violent, virulent, vivid, way out, weird, wild, wild-eyed, wild-looking, worst, zealotic, zenith




N greatness, magnitude, size, multitude, immensity, enormity, infinity, might, strength, intensity, fullness, importance, great quantity, quantity, deal, power, sight, pot, volume, world, mass, heap, stock, peck, bushel, load, cargo, cartload, wagonload, shipload, flood, spring tide, abundance, principal part, chief part, main part, greater part, major part, best part, essential part, bulk, mass, great, greater, large, considerable, fair, above par, big, huge, Herculean, cyclopean, ample, abundant, full, intense, strong, sound, passing, heavy, plenary, deep, high, signal, at its height, in the zenith, world-wide, widespread, far-famed, extensive, wholesale, many, goodly, noble, precious, mighty, sad, grave, heavy, serious, far gone, arrant, downright, utter, uttermost, crass, gross, arch, profound, intense, consummate, rank, uninitiated, red-hot, desperate, glaring, flagrant, stark staring, thorough-paced, thoroughgoing, roaring, thumping, extraordinary, important, unsurpassed, complete, august, grand, dignified, sublime, majestic, vast, immense, enormous, extreme, inordinate, excessive, extravagant, exorbitant, outrageous, preposterous, unconscionable, swinging, monstrous, overgrown, towering, stupendous, prodigious, astonishing, incredible, marvelous, unlimited, unapproachable, unutterable, indescribable, ineffable, unspeakable, inexpressible, beyond expression, fabulous, undiminished, unabated, unreduced, unrestricted, absolute, positive, stark, decided, unequivocal, essential, perfect, finished, remarkable, of mark, marked, pointed, veriest, noteworthy, renowned, truly, decidedly, unequivocally, purely, absolutely, seriously, essentially, fundamentally, radically, downright, in all conscience, for the most part, in the main, entirely, abundantly, widely, far and wide, greatly, much, muckle, well, indeed, very, very much, a deal, no end of, most, not a little, pretty, pretty well, enough, in a great measure, richly, to a large extent, to a great extent, to a gigantic extent, on a large scale, so, never so, ever so, ever so dole, scrap, shred, tag, splinter, rag, much, by wholesale, mighty, powerfully, with a witness, ultra, in the extreme, extremely, exceedingly, intensely, exquisitely, acutely, indefinitely, immeasurably, beyond compare, beyond comparison, beyond measure, beyond all bounds, incalculably, infinitely, preeminently, superlatively, immoderately, monstrously, preposterously, inordinately, exorbitantly, excessively, enormously, out of all proportion, with a vengeance, particularly, remarkably, singularly, curiously, uncommonly, unusually, peculiarly, notably, signally, strikingly, pointedly, mainly, chiefly, famously, egregiously, prominently, glaringly, emphatically, kat exochin, strangely, wonderfully, amazingly, surprisingly, astonishingly, incredibly, marvelously, awfully, stupendously, peculiarly, furiously, severely, desperately, tremendously, extravagantly, confoundedly, deucedly, devilishly, with a vengeance, a outrance, a toute outrance, painfully, sadly, grossly, sorely, bitterly, piteously, grievously, miserably, cruelly, woefully, lamentably, shockingly, frightfully, dreadfully, fearfully, terribly, horribly, a maximis ad minima, greatness knows itself, mightiest powers by deepest calms are fed, minimum decet libere cui multum licet, some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.


N end, close, termination, desinence, conclusion, finis, finale, period, term, terminus, endpoint, last, omega, extreme, extremity, gable end, butt end, fag-end, tip, nib, point, tail, verge, tag, peroration, bonne bouche, bottom dollar, tail end, rear guard, consummation, denouement, finish, fate, doom, doomsday, crack of doom, day of Judgment, dies irae, fall of the curtain, goal, destination, limit, determination, expiration, expiry, extinction, extermination, death, end of all things, finality, eschatology, break up, commencement de la fin, last stage, turning point, coup de grace, deathblow, knock-out-blow, sockdolager, ending, final, terminal, definitive, crowning, last, ultimate, hindermost, rear, caudal, vergent, conterminate, conterminous, conterminable, ended, at an end, settled, decided, over, played out, set at rest, conclusive, penultimate, last but one, last but two, unbegun, uncommenced, fresh, finally, in fine, at the last, once for all, as high as Heaven and as deep as hell, deficit omne quod nascitur, en toute chose il faut considerer la fin, finem respice, ultimus Romanorum.

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