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Noun, Verb (usu participle), Adjective


Noun dusk has 1 sense

Verb dusk has 1 sense


dusk, n., adj., & v.
1 the darker stage of twilight.
2 shade; gloom.
--adj. poet. shadowy; dim; dark-coloured.
--v.tr. & intr. poet. make or become shadowy or dim.

ME dosk, dusk f. OE dox dark, swarthy, doxian darken in colour



bad light, blackish, broad day, brown of dusk, brownness, caliginous, candlelight, candlelighting, cocklight, crepuscular, crepuscule, dark, dark-colored, darken, darkish, darkishness, darkle, darksome, darksomeness, dawn, day, day glow, daylight, dayshine, daytide, daytime, deadness, dim, dim light, dimmish, dimness, dimpsy, drabness, dullness, duskiness, duskingtide, duskness, dusky, evening, evensong, eventide, flatness, full sun, funereal, gloam, gloaming, gloom, glooming, gloomy, grave, green flash, grow dark, grow dim, half-light, lack of sparkle, lackluster, lifelessness, light of day, lower, lusterlessness, mat, mat finish, midday sun, murk, murkiness, murksome, murky, nightfall, nigrescent, noonlight, noontide light, obscure, owllight, partial darkness, ray of sunshine, sad, semidark, shine, sober, somber, somberness, sombrous, subfusc, sun spark, sunbeam, sunbreak, sunburst, sundown, sunlight, sunset, sunsetty, sunshine, swart, swarthy, tenebrous, twilight, twilighty, unilluminated, vesper, vespertine




N evening, eve, decline of day, fall of day, close of day, candlelight, candlelighting, eventide, nightfall, curfew, dusk, twilight, eleventh hour, sunset, sundown, going down of the sun, cock-shut, dewy eve, gloaming, bedtime, afternoon, postmeridian, p, m, autumn, fall, fall of the leaf, autumnal equinox, Indian summer, St. Luke's summer, St. Martin's summer, midnight, dead of night, witching hour, witching hour of night, witching time of night, winter, killing time, vespertine, autumnal, nocturnal, midnight, the outpost of advancing day, sable-vested Night, this gorgeous arch with golden worlds inlay'd.


N darkness, absence of light, blackness, obscurity, gloom, murk, dusk, Cimmerian darkness, Stygian darkness, Egyptian darkness, night, midnight, dead of night, witching hour of night, witching time of night, blind man's holiday, darkness visible, darkness that can be felt, palpable obscure, Erebus, the jaws of darkness, sablevested night, shade, shadow, umbra, penumbra, sciagraphy, obscuration, occultation, adumbration, obumbration, obtenebration, offuscation, caligation, extinction, eclipse, total eclipse, gathering of the clouds, shading, distribution of shade, chiaroscuro, noctivagation, black body, hohlraum, black hole, dark star, dark matter, cold dark matter, dark, darksome, darkling, obscure, tenebrious, sombrous, pitch dark, pitchy, pitch black, caliginous, black, sunless, lightless &c (sun) (light), somber, dusky, unilluminated &c (illuminate), nocturnal, dingy, lurid, gloomy, murky, murksome, shady, umbrageous, overcast, cloudy, darkened, dark as pitch, dark as a pit, dark as Erebus, benighted, noctivagant, noctivagous, in the dark, in the shade, brief as the lightning in the collied night, eldest Night and Chaos, ancestors of Nature, the blackness of the noonday night, the prayer of Ajax was for light.


N dimness, darkness, paleness, half light, demi-jour, partial shadow, partial eclipse, shadow of a shade, glimmer, gliming, nebulosity, cloud, eclipse, aurora, dusk, twilight, shades of evening, crepuscule, cockshut time, break of day, daybreak, dawn, moonlight, moonbeam, moonglade, moonshine, starlight, owl's light, candlelight, rushlight, firelight, farthing candle, dim, dull, lackluster, dingy, darkish, shorn of its beams, dark, faint, shadowed forth, glassy, cloudy, misty, blear, muggy, fuliginous, nebulous, nebular, obnubilated, overcast, crepuscular, muddy, lurid, leaden, dun, dirty, looming, pale, confused.

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