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Adjective decent has 6 senses

Adverbial decent has 1 sense


decent, adj.
1 a conforming with current standards of behaviour or propriety. b avoiding obscenity.
2 respectable.
3 acceptable, passable; good enough.
4 Brit. kind, obliging, generous (was decent enough to apologize).

decently adv.
F d{eacute}cent or L decere be fitting



Christian, Christlike, Christly, OK, acceptable, accepted, accommodating, according to Hoyle, acknowledged, adequate, admissible, admitted, advantageous, advisable, affable, affectionate, agreeable, all right, amiable, ample, appropriate, approved, ascetic, austere, average, barely sufficient, becoming, befitting, being done, benevolent, benign, benignant, better than nothing, blameless, brotherly, chaste, civil, clean, comfortable, comme il faut, commensurate, common, compassionate, competent, complaisant, compliant, condign, conformable, conforming, congruous, considerate, convenient, conventional, correct, corresponding, courteous, creditable, customary, de rigueur, decorous, delicate, desirable, dignified, due, elegant, enough, equal to, erect, estimable, ethical, expedient, fair, fair to middling, fairish, fate, favorable, feasible, felicitous, fit, fitten, fitting, formal, fraternal, friendly, fructuous, full of integrity, generous, genteel, good, good enough, goodish, gracious, happy, high-minded, high-principled, highly respectable, honest, honorable, human, humane, immaculate, indulgent, inviolate, irreproachable, just, kind, kindhearted, kindly, kindly-disposed, kosher, law-abiding, law-loving, law-revering, likely, loving, manly, mannerly, mediocre, meet, middling, minimal, minimum, moderate, modest, moral, nice, noble, normal, normative, not amiss, not bad, not half bad, not outstanding, not so bad, obliging, okay, opportune, ordinary, orthodox, overindulgent, overpermissive, passable, permissive, plenty, plenty good enough, polite, politic, presentable, pretty good, principled, profitable, proper, proportionate, pure, reasonable, received, recognized, recommendable, reputable, respectable, right, right and proper, right-minded, righteous, rightful, rigid, satisfactory, seasonable, seemly, severe, so so, softhearted, sortable, spotless, stainless, sterling, strict, substantial, sufficient, sufficient for, sufficing, suitable, sympathetic, sympathizing, tasteful, tender, tenderhearted, thoughtful, tidy, timely, to be desired, tolerable, traditional, true-dealing, true-devoted, true-disposing, true-souled, true-spirited, truehearted, unblemished, uncorrupt, uncorrupted, undefiled, unexceptionable, unexceptional, unimpeachable, unimpressive, unobjectionable, unspotted, unstained, unsullied, untarnished, up to, upright, uprighteous, upstanding, urbane, useful, virtuous, warm, warmhearted, well-bred, well-timed, wise, workmanlike, worthwhile, worthy, yeomanly




N imperfection, imperfectness, deficiency, inadequacy, peccancy, immaturity, fault, defect, weak point, screw loose, flaw, gap, twist, taint, attainder, bar sinister, hole in one's coat, blemish, weakness, half blood, shortcoming, drawback, seamy side, mediocrity, no great shakes, no great catch, not much to boast of, one-horse shay, imperfect, not perfect, deficient, defective, faulty, unsound, tainted, out of order, out of tune, cracked, leaky, sprung, warped, lame, injured, peccant, frail, inadequate, crude, incomplete, found wanting, below par, short-handed, below its full strength, under its full strength, below its full complement, indifferent, middling, ordinary, mediocre, average, so-so, coucicouci, milk and water, tolerable, fair, passable, pretty well, pretty good, rather good, moderately good, good, good enough, well enough, adequate, decent, not bad, not amiss, inobjectionable, unobjectionable, admissible, bearable, only better than nothing, secondary, inferior, second-rate, second-best, one-horse, almost, to a limited extent, rather, pretty, moderately, passing, only, considering, all things considered, enough, surgit amari aliquid.


N purity, decency, decorum, delicacy, continence, chastity, honesty, virtue, modesty, shame, pudicity, pucelage, virginity, vestal, virgin, Joseph, Hippolytus, Lucretia, Diana, prude, pure, undefiled, modest, delicate, decent, decorous, virginibus puerisque, simon-pure, chaste, continent, virtuous, honest, Platonic, virgin, unsullied, cherry, as chaste as unsunn'd snow, a soul as white as heaven, 'tis Chastity, my brother, Chastity, to the pure all things are pure.

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