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deal with



deal with

accomplish, achieve, act toward, affect, air, analyze, answer to, appertain to, apply to, attain, be in connection, be in contact, be responsible for, bear on, bear upon, behave toward, belong to, bring to account, bring to book, call to account, canvass, care for, carry on, carry out, carry through, castigate, chasten, chastise, clear, comment upon, commerce with, commune with, communicate, compass, complete, concern, conduct, connect, consider, consummate, contend with, control, controvert, converse, cope with, correct, correspond to, criticize, deal by, debate, deliberate, deliberate upon, descant, direct, discharge, discipline, discourse, discourse about, discuss, dispatch, dispose of, dissert, dissertate, do, do business with, do by, do the job, do the trick, do with, drive, effect, effectuate, enact, examine, exchange views, execute, fetch, fulfill, go into, handle, have connection with, have dealings with, have intercourse, have truck with, hold communication, inflict upon, inquire into, interchange, intercommunicate, interest, investigate, involve, knock around, knock off, liaise with, link with, make, make go, manage, maneuver, manipulate, masthead, operate, pass under review, patronize, penalize, perform, perform on, pertain to, pillory, pilot, play, polish off, practice, produce, punish, put away, rap, realize, reason, reason about, reason the point, refer to, regard, relate to, remark upon, respect, respond to, review, rid, run, see to, serve, settle with, shop at, sift, speak, square accounts, steer, steward, study, succeed, survey, take, take care of, take to task, take up, talk, talk about, talk of, talk over, thresh out, tie in with, touch, touch upon, trade at, trade with, traffic with, transact, transact business with, treat, treat of, turn the trick, unburden, use, ventilate, visit upon, work, work out, write up


deal with


VB transact, execute, despatch, dispatch, proceed with, discharge, carry on, carry through, carry out, carry into effect, put into effect, work out, go through, get through, enact, put into practice, do, officiate, bear oneself, behave oneself, comport oneself, demean oneself, carry oneself, conduct oneself, acquit oneself, run a race, lead a life, play a game, take a course, adopt a course, steer one's course, shape one's course, play one's paint, play one's cards, shift for oneself, paddle one's own canoe, bail one's own boat, conduct, manage, supervise, participate, deal with, have to do with, treat, handle a case, take steps, take measures.


VB barter, exchange, swap, swop, truck, scorse, interchange, commutate, compound for, trade, traffic, buy and sell, give and take, nundinate, carry on a trade, ply a trade, drive a trade, be in business, be in the city, keep a shop, deal in, employ one's capital in, trade with, deal with, have dealings with, transact business with, do business with, open an account with, keep an account with, bargain, drive a bargain, make a bargain, negotiate, bid for, haggle, higgle, dicker, chaffer, huckster, cheapen, beat down, stickle, stickle for, out bid, under bid, ask, charge, strike a bargain, speculate, give a sprat to catch a herring, buy in the cheapest and sell in the dearest market, buy low and sell high, corner the market, rig the market, stag the market.

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