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comment upon



comment upon

air, analyze, annotate, canvass, censure, commentate, consider, controvert, criticize, critique, deal with, debate, deliberate, deliberate upon, descant, discourse, discourse about, discuss, dissert, dissertate, edit, examine, exchange views, gloss, go into, handle, inquire into, investigate, knock around, make an edition, moralize upon, pass under review, rap, reason, reason about, reason the point, remark upon, review, sift, study, survey, take up, talk, talk about, talk of, talk over, thresh out, touch upon, treat, treat of, ventilate, write up


comment upon


VB reason, argue, discuss, debate, dispute, wrangle, argufy, bandy words, bandy arguments, chop logic, hold an argument, carry on an argument, controvert, canvass, comment upon, moralize upon, spiritualize, consider, open a discussion, open a case, try conclusions, join issue, be at issue, moot, come to the point, stir a question, agitate a question, ventilate a question, torture a question, take up a side, take up a case, contend, take one's stand upon, insist, lay stress on, infer, follow from.


VB interpret, explain, define, construe, translate, render, do into, turn into, transfuse the sense of, find out, 1 the meaning of, read, spell out, make out, decipher, unravel, disentangle, find the key of, enucleate, resolve, solve, read between the lines, account for, find the cause, tell the cause of, throw light upon, shed light upon, shed new light upon, shed fresh light upon, clear up, clarify, elucidate, illustrate, exemplify, unfold, expound, comment upon, annotate, popularize, take in a particular sense, understand in a particular sense, receive in a particular sense, accept in a particular sense, understand by, put a construction on, be given to understand.

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