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Noun chimney has 2 senses


chimneyn. [F. cheminée, LL. caminata, fr. L. caminus furnace, fireplace, Gr. furnace, oven.].
  •  A fireplace or hearth.  Sir W. Raleigh.  [1913 Webster]
  •  That part of a building which contains the smoke flues; esp. an upright tube or flue of brick or stone, in most cases extending through or above the roof of the building. Often used instead of chimney shaft.  [1913 Webster]
    "Hard by a cottage chimney smokes."  [1913 Webster]
  •  A tube usually of glass, placed around a flame, as of a lamp, to create a draft, and promote combustion.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A body of ore, usually of elongated form, extending downward in a vein.  Raymond.  [1913 Webster]
Chimney board, a board or screen used to close a fireplace; a fireboard. -- Chimney cap, a device to improve the draught of a chimney, by presenting an exit aperture always to leeward. -- Chimney corner, the space between the sides of the fireplace and the fire; hence, the fireside. -- Chimney hook, a hook for holding pats and kettles over a fire, -- Chimney money, hearth money, a duty formerly paid in England for each chimney. -- Chimney pot (Arch.), a cylinder of earthenware or sheet metal placed at the top of a chimney which rises above the roof. -- Chimney swallow. (Zoöl.) (a) An American swift (Chæture pelasgica) which lives in chimneys. (b) In England, the common swallow (Hirundo rustica). -- Chimney sweep, Chimney sweeper, one who cleans chimneys of soot; esp. a boy who climbs the flue, and brushes off the soot.


chimney, n. (pl. -eys)
1 a vertical channel conducting smoke or combustion gases etc. up and away from a fire, furnace, engine, etc.
2 the part of this which projects above a roof.
3 a glass tube protecting the flame of a lamp.
4 a narrow vertical crack in a rock-face, often used by mountaineers to ascend.

chimney-breast a projecting interior wall surrounding a chimney. chimney-piece an ornamental structure around an open fireplace; a mantelpiece. chimney-pot an earthenware or metal pipe at the top of a chimney, narrowing the aperture and increasing the up draught. chimney-stack
1 a number of chimneys grouped in one structure.
2 = sense 2. chimney-sweep a person whose job is removing soot from inside chimneys.
ME f. OF chemin{eacute}e f. LL caminata having a fire-place, f. L caminus f. Gk kaminos oven



abysm, abyss, arroyo, box canyon, breach, break, canyon, cavity, chap, chasm, check, chimney corner, chink, chute, cleft, cleuch, clough, col, coulee, couloir, country rock, crack, cranny, crevasse, crevice, cut, cwm, defile, dell, deposit, dike, ditch, donga, draw, excavation, fault, fender, fire screen, fireboard, fireguard, fireplace, fireside, fissure, flaw, flue, flue pipe, flume, fracture, fumarole, funnel, furrow, gangue, gap, gape, gash, gorge, groove, gulch, gulf, gully, hearth, hearthstone, hob, hole, hub, incision, ingle, inglenook, ingleside, joint, kloof, leak, lode, lodestuff, matrix, mineral deposit, moat, notch, nullah, opening, ore bed, pass, passage, pay dirt, ravine, rent, rift, rime, rupture, scissure, seam, shoot, slit, slot, smokehole, smokeshaft, smokestack, split, stack, stock, stovepipe, trench, valley, vein, void, wadi




N opening, hole, foramen, puncture, perforation, fontanel, transforation, pinhole, keyhole, loophole, porthole, peephole, mousehole, pigeonhole, eye of a needle, eyelet, slot, opening, aperture, apertness, hiation, yawning, oscitancy, dehiscence, patefaction, pandiculation, chasm, embrasure, window, casement, abatjour, light, sky light, fan light, lattice, bay window, bow window, oriel, dormer, lantern, outlet, inlet, vent, vomitory, embouchure, orifice, mouth, sucker, muzzle, throat, gullet, weasand, wizen, nozzle, placket, portal, porch, gate, ostiary, postern, wicket, trapdoor, hatch, door, arcade, cellarway, driveway, gateway, doorway, hatchway, gangway, lich gate, way, path, thoroughfare, channel, passage, passageway, tube, pipe, water pipe, air pipe, vessel, tubule, canal, gut, fistula, adjutage, ajutage, ostium, smokestack, chimney, flue, tap, funnel, gully, tunnel, main, mine, pit, adit, shaft, gallery, alley, aisle, glade, vista, bore, caliber, pore, blind orifice, fulgurite, thundertube, porousness, porosity, sieve, cullender, colander, cribble, riddle, screen, honeycomb, apertion, perforation, piercing, terebration, empalement, pertusion, puncture, acupuncture, penetration, key, opener, master key, password, combination, passe- partout, open, perforated, perforate, wide open, ajar, unclosed, unstopped, oscitant, gaping, yawning, patent, tubular, cannular, fistulous, pervious, permeable, foraminous, vesicular, vasicular, porous, follicular, cribriform, honeycombed, infundibular, riddled, tubulous, tubulated, piped, tubate, opening, aperient, Int, open sesame!.


N airpipe, air pipe, air tube, airhole, blowhole, breathinghole, venthole, shaft, flue, chimney, funnel, vent, nostril, nozzle, throat, weasand, trachea, bronchus, bronchia, larynx, tonsils, windpipe, spiracle, ventiduct, ventilator, louvre, jalousie, Venetian blinds, blowpipe, pipe, jhilmil, smokestack, screen, window screen, ' artificial lung, iron lung, heart and lung machine.

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