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Noun certainty has 2 senses


certaintyn. [OF. certaineté.].
  •  The quality, state, or condition, of being certain.  [1913 Webster]
    "The certainty of punishment is the truest security against crimes."  Fisher Ames.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A fact or truth unquestionable established.  [1913 Webster]
    "Certainties are uninteresting and sating."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Clearness; freedom from ambiguity; lucidity.  [1913 Webster]
Of a certainty, certainly.


certainty, n. (pl. -ies)
1 a an undoubted fact. b a certain prospect (his return is a certainty).
2 (often foll. by of, or that + clause) an absolute conviction (has a certainty of his own worth).
3 (often foll. by to + infin.) a thing or person that may be relied on (a certainty to win the Derby).

for a certainty beyond the possibility of doubt.
ME f. AF certaint{eacute}, OF -et{eacute} (as CERTAIN)



absolutely, absoluteness, acceptation, acception, acquiescence, act of God, actuality, anticipation, assurance, assuredly, assuredness, authoritativeness, belief, certainly, certitude, confidence, connection, contemplation, conviction, credence, credit, credulity, definitely, definiteness, dependence, dogmatism, expectancy, expectation, fact, faith, fate, fatefulness, firmness, for a certainty, for sure, force majeure, hope, imminence, indefeasibility, indubitably, ineluctability, inescapableness, inevasibleness, inevitability, inevitable accident, inevitableness, inexorability, inflexibility, irrevocability, necessity, positively, positiveness, positivism, predetermination, probability, prospect, reality, reception, relentlessness, reliance, reliance on, self-assurance, staunchness, steadiness, stock, store, sure thing, surely, sureness, surety, suspension of disbelief, thought, trust, truth, unastonishment, unavoidable casualty, unavoidableness, uncontrollability, undeflectability, undeniably, undoubtedly, unpreventability, unquestionably, unyieldingness, vis major




N certainty, necessity, certitude, surety, assurance, dead certainty, moral certainty, infallibleness, infallibility, reliability, indubitableness, inevitableness, unquestionableness, gospel, scripture, church, pope, court of final appeal, res judicata, ultimatum positiveness, dogmatism, dogmatist, dogmatizer, doctrinaire, bigot, opinionist, Sir Oracle, ipse dixit, fact, positive fact, matter of fact, fait accompli, certain, sure, assured, solid, well-founded, unqualified, absolute, positive, determinate, definite, clear, unequivocal, categorical, unmistakable, decisive, decided, ascertained, inevitable, unavoidable, avoidless, ineluctable, unerring, infallible, unchangeable, to be depended on, trustworthy, reliable, bound, unimpeachable, undeniable, unquestionable, indisputable, incontestable, incontrovertible, indubitable, irrefutable, conclusive, without power of appeal, indubious, without doubt, beyond a doubt, without a shade or shadow of doubt, without question, beyond question, past dispute, clear as day, beyond all question, beyond all dispute, undoubted, uncontested, unquestioned, undisputed, questionless, doubtless, authoritative, authentic, official, sure as fate, sure as death and taxes, sure as a gun, evident, self-evident, axiomatic, clear, clear as day, clear as the sun at noonday, certainly, for certain, certes, sure, no doubt, doubtless, and no mistake, flagrante delicto, sure enough, to be sure, of course, as a matter of course, a coup sur, to a certainty, in truth, at any rate, at all events, without fail, coute que coute, coute qu'il coute, whatever may happen, if the worst come to the worst, come what may, happen what may, come what will, sink or swim, rain or shine, cela va sans dire, there is no question, no question, not a shadow of doubt, there is not a shadow of doubt, the die is cast, facts are stubborn things.


N belief, credence, credit, assurance, faith, trust, troth, confidence, presumption, sanguine expectation, dependence on, reliance on, persuasion, conviction, convincement, plerophory, self- conviction, certainty, opinion, mind, view, conception, thinking, impression, surmise, conclusion, tenet, dogma, principle, way of thinking, popular belief, firm belief, implicit belief, settled belief, fixed rooted deep- rooted belief, staunch belief, unshaken belief, steadfast belief, inveterate belief, calm belief, sober belief, dispassionate belief, impartial belief, well-founded belief, firm opinion, implicit opinion, settled opinion, fixed rooted deep-rooted opinion, staunch opinion, unshaken opinion, steadfast opinion, inveterate opinion, calm opinion, sober opinion, dispassionate opinion, impartial opinion, well-founded opinion, uberrima fides, system of opinions, school, doctrine, articles, canons, article of faith, declaration of faith, profession of faith, tenets, credenda, creed, thirty-nine articles, catechism, assent, propaganda, credibility, believing, certain, sure, assured, positive, cocksure, satisfied, confident, unhesitating, convinced, secure, under the impression, impressed with, imbued with, penetrated with, confiding, suspectless, unsuspecting, unsuspicious, void of suspicion, credulous, wedded to, believed, accredited, putative, unsuspected, worthy of, deserving of, commanding belief, credible, reliable, trustworthy, to be depended on, satisfactory, probably, fiducial, fiduciary, persuasive, impressive, relating to belief, doctrinal, in the opinion of, in the eyes of, me judice, meseems, methinks, to the best of one's belief, I dare say, I doubt not, I have no doubt, I am sure, sure enough, depend upon, rely upon it, be assured, rest assured, I'll warrant you, experto crede, fata viam invenient, Justitiae soror incorrupta Fides, live to explain thy doctrine by thy life, stands not within the prospect of belief, tarde quae credita laedunt credimus, vide et crede.

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