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call out


Verb (usu participle), Verb (transitive)


Verb call out has 3 senses


call out

affront, arouse, beard, bellow out, bid come, bid defiance, brave, bring forth, bring out, bring to light, call, call away, call back, call for, call forth, call in, call together, call up, challenge, cite, clamor, confront, conjure, conjure up, convene, convoke, cry out, dare, deduce, defy, demand, derive, double-dare, drag out, draw forth, draw out, educe, elicit, evoke, face, face out, front, get from, get out of, holler out, indent, induce, invoke, make an outcry, make an uproar, muster, muster up, obtain, order up, outcry, outdare, page, pipe up, preconize, procure, raise a clamor, recall, requisition, rouse, scream defiance, secure, send after, send for, serve, shout out, show fight, sing out, stare down, stimulate, subpoena, summon, summon forth, summon up, summons, vociferate, wangle, wangle out of, winkle out, worm out, worm out of, yell out


call out


VB defy, dare, beard, brave, bid defiance to, set at defiance, set at naught, hurl defiance at, dance the war dance, beat the war drums, snap the fingers at, laugh to scorn, disobey, show fight, show one's teeth, show a bold front, bluster, look big, stand akimbo, beat one's chest, double the fist, shake the fist, threaten, challenge, call out, throw down the gauntlet, fling down the gauntlet, fling down the gage, fling down the glove, throw down the glove.


VB cry, roar, shout, bawl, brawl, halloo, halloa, hoop, whoop, yell, bellow, howl, scream, screech, screak, shriek, shrill, squeak, squeal, squall, whine, pule, pipe, yaup, cheer, hoot, grumble, moan, groan, snore, snort, grunt, vociferate, raise up the voice, lift up the voice, call out, sing out, cry out, exclaim, rend the air, thunder at the top of one's voice, shout at the top of one's voice, shout at the pitch of one's breath, thunder at the pitch of one's breath, s'_egosiller, strain the throat, strain the voice, strain the lungs, give a cry.

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