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Verb (transitive)


Verb besiege has 3 senses


besiegev. t. [OE. bisegen; pref. be- + segen to siege. See Siege.].
     To beset or surround with armed forces, for the purpose of compelling to surrender; to lay siege to; to beleaguer; to beset.  [1913 Webster]
    "Till Paris was besieged, famished, and lost."  [1913 Webster]
Syn. -- To environ; hem in; invest; encompass.


besiege, v.tr.
1 lay siege to.
2 crowd round oppressively.
3 harass with requests.

besieger n.
ME f. assiege by substitution of BE-, f. OF asegier f. Rmc



apply pressure, assail, assault, attack, beleaguer, beset, blandish, block, block off, block up, blockade, bound, box in, bug, buttonhole, cage, cajole, chamber, close in, coax, compass, contain, coop, coop in, coop up, cordon, cordon off, corral, cut off, dun, encircle, enclose, encompass, enshrine, envelop, exert pressure, fence in, harass, harry, hedge in, hem in, house in, importune, impound, imprison, incarcerate, include, inundate, invest, jail, kennel, lay siege to, leaguer, mew, mew up, nag, nag at, overwhelm, pen, pen in, pester, petition, plague, ply, pocket, press, pressure, push, quarantine, rail in, shrine, shut in, shut up, soften up, stable, sue, surround, tease, trap, urge, wall in, wheedle, work on, wrap, yard, yard up




VB attack, assault, assail, invade, set upon, fall upon, charge, impugn, break a lance with, enter the lists, assume the offensive, take the offensive, be the aggressor, become the aggressor, strike the first blow, draw first blood, throw the first stone at, lift a hand against, draw the sword against, take up the cudgels, advance against, march against, march upon, harry, come on, show fight, strike at, poke at, thrust at, aim a blow at, deal a blow at, give one a blow, fetch one a blow, fetch one a kick, give one a kick, have a cut at, have a shot at, take a cut at, take a shot at, have a fling at, have a shy at, be down upon, pounce upon, fall foul of, pitch into, launch out against, bait, slap on the face, make a thrust at, make a pass at, make a set at, make a dead set at, bear down upon, close with, come to close quarters, bring to bay, ride full tilt against, attack tooth and nail, go at hammer and tongs, let fly at, dash at, run a tilt at, rush at, tilt at, run at, fly at, hawk at, have at, let out at, make a dash, make a rush at, strike home, drive one hard, press one hard, be hard upon, run down, strike at the root of, lay about one, run amuck, aim at, draw a bead on, fire upon, fire at, fire a shot at, shoot at, pop at, level at, let off a gun at, open fire, pepper, bombard, shell, pour a broadside into, fire a volley, fire red-hot shot, spring a mine, throw a stone, throw stones at, stone, lapidate, pelt, hurl at, hurl against, hurl at the head of, rock beset, besiege, beleaguer, lay siege to, invest, open the trenches, plant a battery, sap, mine, storm, board, scale the walls, cut and thrust, bayonet, butt, kick, strike, whip, assail, impugn, malign (detract), bomb, rocket, blast.


VB request, ask, beg, crave, sue, pray, petition, solicit, invite, pop the question, make bold to ask, beg leave, beg a boon, apply to, call to, put to, call upon, call for, make a request, address a request, prefer a request, put up a request, make a prayer, address a prayer, prefer a prayer, put up a prayer, make a petition, address a petition, prefer a petition, put up a petition, make application, make a requisition, ask trouble, ask one for, claim, offer up prayers, whistle for, beg hard, entreat, beseech, plead, supplicate, implore, conjure, adjure, obtest, cry to, kneel to, appeal to, invoke, evoke, impetrate, imprecate, ply, press, urge, beset, importune, dun, tax, clamor for, cry aloud, cry for help, fall on one's knees, throw oneself at the feet of, come down on one's marrowbones, beg from door to door, send the hat round, go a begging, mendicate, mump, cadge, beg one's bread, dance attendance on, besiege, knock at the door, bespeak, canvass, tout, make interest, court, seek, bid for, publish the banns.

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