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Noun arrangement has 6 senses


arrangementn. [Cf. F. arrangement.].
  •  The act of arranging or putting in an orderly condition; the state of being arranged or put in order; disposition in suitable form.  [1913 Webster]
  •  The manner or result of arranging; system of parts disposed in due order; regular and systematic classification; as, arrangement of one's dress; the Linnæan arrangement of plants.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Preparatory proceeding or measure; preparation; as, we have made arrangement for receiving company.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Settlement; adjustment by agreement; as, the parties have made an arrangement between themselves concerning their disputes; a satisfactory arrangement.  [1913 Webster]
  •  The adaptation of a composition to voices or instruments for which it was not originally written.  [1913 Webster]


arrangement, n.
1 the act or process of arranging or being arranged.
2 the condition of being arranged; the manner in which a thing is arranged.
3 something arranged.
4 (in pl.) plans, measures (make your own arrangements).
5 Mus. a composition arranged for performance by different instruments or voices (see ARRANGE 6a).
6 settlement of a dispute etc.




Nachtmusik, abatement of differences, absolute music, accommodation, accord, adaptation, adjunct, adjustment, adornment, affair, agreement, air varie, aleatory, aleatory music, alignment, analysis, anatomy, appointment, approach, architectonics, architecture, arrangement, arrangements, array, atmosphere, attack, balance, bargain, basic training, binding agreement, blind date, blueprint, blueprinting, bond, briefing, brushwork, build, building, calculation, canon form, cartel, cataloging, categorization, chamber music, chamber orchestra, charting, classification, clearing the decks, closing, codification, collective agreement, color, color patterns, combination, compact, composition, composition of differences, compromise, conception, concession, conclusion, concord, conformation, consortium, constitution, construction, contract, contract by deed, contract of record, contract quasi, contrivance, convention, cop-out, copy, covenant, covenant of indemnity, covenant of salt, creation, date, deal, debenture, debenture bond, decor, decoration, deed, deed of trust, deed poll, deployment, descant, desertion of principle, design, device, dicker, display, disposal, disposition, distribution, division, double date, draft, draftsmanship, edition, elaboration, electronic music, embellishment, emblazonment, emblazonry, embroidery, employment contract, engagement, engagement book, enterprise, envisagement, equipment, etude, evasion of responsibility, exercise, fabric, fabrication, familiarization, fashion, fashioning, figuring, filing, fixing, flourish, flower arrangement, foresight, forethought, forging, form, formal agreement, formal contract, format, formation, foundation, frame, fugue form, furniture arrangement, game, garnish, garnishment, garniture, getup, give-and-take, giving way, grading, graphing, ground plan, groundwork, group policy, grouping, guidelines, harmonization, harmony, hymnal, hymnbook, idea, illumination, implied contract, incidental music, indent, indenture, indexing, instrumental music, instrumental score, instrumentation, insurance policy, intention, interpretation, interview, intonation, invention, ironclad agreement, layout, legal agreement, legal contract, libretto, lied form, line, lineup, long-range plan, lute tablature, make, makeready, makeup, making, making ready, manufacture, mapping, marshaling, master plan, method, methodology, mobilization, model, modulation, mold, molding, mortgage deed, music, music paper, music roll, musical notation, musical score, mutual agreement, mutual concession, nocturne, notation, opera, opera score, operations research, opus, orchestral score, orchestration, order, ordering, organic structure, organism, organization, ornament, ornamentation, pact, paction, painterliness, parol contract, part, pattern, patterning, peace, perspective, phrasing, physique, piano score, piece, pigeonholing, placement, plan, planning, planning function, plans, policy, prearrangement, preliminaries, preliminary, preliminary act, preliminary step, prep, preparation, preparing, prepping, prerequisite, pretreatment, primary form, procedure, processing, production, program, program music, program of action, promise, promissory note, propaedeutic, proportion, protocol, provision, quiet, quietude, ranging, ranking, rating, rationalization, readying, recognizance, regularity, resolution, ricercar, rondo form, routine, schedule, schema, schematism, schematization, scheme, scheme of arrangement, score, sealing, sequence, set-up, setting, settlement, setup, shading, shadow, shape, shaping, sheet music, short score, signature, signing, solemnization, solution, sonata, sonata allegro, sonata form, sonatina, songbook, songster, sorting, spadework, special contract, specialty, specialty contract, stipulation, strategic plan, strategy, stratification, string orchestra, string quartet, structure, structuring, study, subdivision, surrender, suspension, symmetry, symphonic form, system, systematization, tablature, tabulation, tactical plan, tactics, taxonomy, technique, tectonics, terms, text, texture, the big picture, the picture, theme and variations, tissue, title deed, toccata form, tone, tone painting, training, tranquillity, transaction, transcript, transcription, treatment, trial, trim, trimming, trio, tryout, typology, understanding, uniformity, union contract, valid contract, values, variation, version, vocal score, wage contract, warm-up, warp and woof, way, weave, web, window dressing, work, working plan, written music, yielding




N preparation, providing, provision, providence, anticipation, precaution, preconcertation, predisposition, forecast, rehearsal, note of preparation, arrangement, clearance, adjustment, tuning, equipment, outfit, accouterment, armament, array, ripening, maturation, evolution, elaboration, concoction, digestion, gestation, batching, incubation, sitting, groundwork, first stone, cradle, stepping-stone, foundation, scaffold, scaffolding, echafaudage, training, inurement, novitiate, cooking, cookery, brewing, culinary art, tilling, plowing sowing, semination, cultivation, preparedness, readiness, ripeness, mellowness, maturity, un impromptu fait a loisir, preparer, trainer, pioneer, trailblazer, avant-courrier, avant-coureur, voortrekker, sappers and miners, pavior, navvy, packer, stevedore, warming pan, preparing, in preparation, in course of preparation, in agitation, in embryo, in hand, in train, afoot, afloat, on foot, on the stocks, on the anvil, under consideration, brewing, batching, forthcoming, brooding, in store for, in reserve, precautionary, provident, preparative, preparatory, provisional, inchoate, under revision, preliminary, prepared, in readiness, ready, ready to one's band, ready made, ready cut and dried: made to one's hand, handy, on the table, in gear, in working order, in working gear, snug, in practice, ripe, mature, mellow, pukka, practiced, labored, elaborate, highly-wrought, smelling of the lamp, worked up, in full feather, in best bib and tucker, in harness, at harness, in the saddle, in arms, in battle array, in war paint, up in arms, armed at all points, armed to the teeth, armed cap a pie, sword in hand, booted and spurred, in utrumque paratus, semper paratus, on the alert, at one's post, in preparation, in anticipation of, against, for, abroach, a bove majori discit arare minor, looking before and after, si vis pacem para bellum.


N order, regularity, uniformity, symmetry, lucidus ordo, music of the spheres, gradation, progression, series, subordination, course, even tenor, routine, method, disposition, arrangement, array, system, economy, discipline orderliness, rank, place, orderly, regular, in order, in trim, in apple-pie order, in its proper place, neat, tidy, en regle, well regulated, correct, methodical, uniform, symmetrical, shipshape, businesslike, systematic, unconfused &c (confuse), arranged, in order, methodically, in turn, in its turn, by steps, step by step, by regular steps, by regular gradations, by regular stages, by regular intervals, seriatim, systematically, by clockwork, gradatim, at stated periods, natura non facit saltum, order is heaven's first law, order from disorder sprung, ordo est parium dispariumque rerum sua loca tribue.


N arrangement, plan, preparation, disposal, disposition, collocation, allocation, distribution, sorting, assortment, allotment, apportionment, taxis, taxonomy, syntaxis, graduation, organization, grouping, tabulation, analysis, classification, clustering, division, digestion, digest, synopsis, syntagma, table, atlas, file, database, register, organism, architecture, sieve, riddle, screen, sorter, arranged, embattled, in battle array, cut and dried, methodical, orderly, regular, systematic, In vast cumbrous array.


N pacification, conciliation, reconciliation, reconcilement, shaking of hands, accommodation, arrangement, adjustment, terms, compromise, amnesty, deed of release, peace offering, olive branch, calumet of peace, preliminaries of peace, truce, armistice, suspension of arms, suspension of hostilities, stand-down, breathing time, convention, modus vivendi, flag of truce, white flag, parlementaire, cartel, hollow truce, pax in bello, drawn battle, conciliatory, composing, pacified, requiescat in pace.


N payment, defrayment, discharge, acquittance, quittance, settlement, clearance, liquidation, satisfaction, reckoning, arrangement, acknowledgment, release, receipt, receipt in full, receipt in full of all demands, voucher, salary, compensation, remuneration (reward), repayment, reimbursement, retribution, pay, money paid, ready money, stake, remittance, installment, payer, liquidator, pay cash, pay cash on the barrelhead, paying, paid, owing nothing, out of debt, all straight, unowed, never indebted, to the tune of, on the nail, money down.

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