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Noun alienation has 4 senses


alienationn. [F. aliénation, L. alienatio, fr. alienare, fr. alienare. See Alienate.].
  •  The act of alienating, or the state of being alienated.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A transfer of title, or a legal conveyance of property to another.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A withdrawing or estrangement, as of the affections.  [1913 Webster]
    "The alienation of his heart from the king."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Mental alienation; derangement of the mental faculties; insanity; as, alienation of mind.  [1913 Webster]
Syn. -- Insanity; lunacy; madness; derangement; aberration; mania; delirium; frenzy; dementia; monomania. See Insanity.


alienation, n.
1 the act or result of alienating.
2 (Theatr. alienation effect) a dramatic effect whereby an audience remains objective, not identifying with the characters or action of a play.



abalienation, aberration, abnormality, abstraction, abulia, agreement to disagree, aloneness, aloofness, amortization, amortizement, anxiety, anxiety equivalent, anxiety state, apathy, apostasy, assignation, assignment, autism, autistic thinking, avoidance mechanism, bargain and sale, barter, bequeathal, blame-shifting, brain damage, brainsickness, brainwashing, breach, breach of friendship, break, catatonic stupor, celibacy, cession, cleavage, cleft, clouded mind, compensation, compulsion, conferment, conferral, consignation, consignment, conveyance, conveyancing, corruption, counter-culture, counterindoctrination, craziness, daftness, decompensation, deeding, defense mechanism, dejection, deliverance, delivery, dementedness, dementia, demise, depression, derangement, dereism, dereistic thinking, detachment, difference, disaccord, disaffection, disagreement, disapprobation, disapproval, disarticulation, disassociation, disconnectedness, disconnection, discontinuity, disengagement, disfavor, disjointing, disjunction, dislocation, disorientation, disparity, displacement, disposal, disposition, disruption, dissatisfaction, dissension, dissent, dissentience, dissidence, dissociation, distraction, disunion, disunity, divergence, diversity, dividedness, division, divorce, divorcement, dropping out, elation, emotional insulation, emotionalism, enfeoffment, escape, escape into fantasy, escape mechanism, escapism, estrangement, euphoria, exchange, falling-out, fantasizing, fantasy, flight, folie, folie du doute, furor, giving, hypochondria, hysteria, hysterics, incoherence, indifference, indoctrination, insaneness, insanity, insensibility, irrationality, isolation, keeping apart, lease and release, lethargy, loneliness, loneness, lonesomeness, loss of mind, loss of reason, lunacy, luxation, madness, mania, melancholia, mental deficiency, mental derangement, mental disease, mental disorder, mental distress, mental disturbance, mental illness, mental instability, mental sickness, mind overthrown, mindsickness, minority opinion, moving apart, negativism, nonagreement, nonassent, nonconcurrence, nonconformity, nonconsent, obsession, oddness, open rupture, opposition, overcompensation, parting, partition, pathological indecisiveness, pixilation, possession, preoccupation, privacy, projection, psychalgia, psychomotor disturbance, psychopathy, psychotaxis, queerness, rabidness, rationalization, reasonlessness, recall of ambassadors, recusance, recusancy, reindoctrination, rejection, removal, repudiation, resistance, rift, ruffled feelings, rupture, sale, schism, secession, seclusion, segmentation, senselessness, separateness, separation, separatism, sequestration, settlement, settling, shattered mind, sick mind, sickness, single blessedness, sociological adjustive reactions, solitariness, solitude, splendid isolation, split, strained relations, strangeness, stupor, subdivision, sublimation, substitution, subtraction, subversion, surrender, tic, trading, transfer, transference, transmission, transmittal, twitching, unbalance, unbalanced mind, underground, unresponsiveness, unsaneness, unsound mind, unsoundness, unsoundness of mind, variance, vesting, wish-fulfillment fantasy, wishful thinking, withdrawal, witlessness, zoning




N transfer, conveyance, assignment, alienation, abalienation, demise, limitation, conveyancing, transmission, enfeoffment, bargain and sale, lease and release, exchange, barter, substitution, succession, reversion, shifting use, shifting trust, devolution, alienable, negotiable, estate coming into possession.


N enmity, hostility, unfriendliness, discord, bitterness, rancor, alienation, estrangement, dislike, hate, heartburning, animosity, malevolence, inimical, unfriendly, hostile, at enmity, at variance, at daggers drawn, at open war with, up in arms against, in bad odor with, on bad terms, not on speaking terms, cool, cold, cold hearted, estranged, alienated, disaffected, irreconcilable.


N hate, hatred, vials of hate, disaffection, disfavor, alienation, estrangement, coolness, enmity, animosity, umbrage, pique, grudge, dudgeon, spleen bitterness, bitterness of feeling, ill blood, bad blood, acrimony, malice, implacability, repugnance, misanthropy, demonophobia, gynephobia, negrophobia, odium, unpopularity, detestation, antipathy, object of hatred, object of execration, abomination, aversion, b=ete noire, enemy, bitter pill, source of annoyance, hating, abhorrent, averse from, set against, bitter, implacable, unloved, unbeloved, unlamented, undeplored, unmourned, uncared for, unendeared, un-valued, disliked, crossed in love, forsaken, rejected, lovelorn, jilted, obnoxious, hateful, odious, abominable, repulsive, offensive, shocking, disgusting, reprehensible, invidious, spiteful, malicious, insulting, irritating, provoking, at daggers drawn, not on speaking terms, at loggerheads, no love lost between.

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