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Verb (transitive)


Verb accommodate has 7 senses


accommodatev. t. [L. accommodatus, p. p. of accommodare; ad + commodare to make fit, help; con- + modus measure, proportion. See Mode.].
  •  To render fit, suitable, or correspondent; to adapt; to conform; as, to accommodate ourselves to circumstances.  Addison.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To bring into agreement or harmony; to reconcile; to compose; to adjust; to settle; as, to accommodate differences, a dispute, etc.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To furnish with something desired, needed, or convenient; to favor; to oblige; as, to accommodate a friend with a loan or with lodgings.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To show the correspondence of; to apply or make suit by analogy; to adapt or fit, as teachings to accidental circumstances, statements to facts, etc.; as, to accommodate prophecy to events.  [1913 Webster]
Syn. -- To suit; adapt; conform; adjust; arrange.
accommodatev. i. 
     To adapt one's self; to be conformable or adapted.  Boyle.  [1913 Webster]
accommodatea. [L. accommodatus, p. p. of accommodare.].
     Suitable; fit; adapted; as, means accommodate to end.  Tillotson.  [1913 Webster]


accommodate, v.tr.
1 provide lodging or room for (the flat accommodates three people).
2 adapt, harmonize, reconcile (must accommodate ourselves to new surroundings; cannot accommodate your needs to mine).
3 a do service or favour to; oblige (a person). b (foll. by with) supply (a person) with.

L accommodare (as AC-, commodus fitting)



acclimate, acclimatize, accommodate, accommodate with, accord, accustom, adapt, adapt to, adjust, adjust to, advance, afford, agree with, alter, ameliorate, arrange, arrange matters, assimilate, assimilate to, attune, balance, be guided by, bend, bestow, better, billet, board, bow, break, break in, break up, bring to terms, bring together, cancel, case harden, cater to, change, chime in with, close, close with, clothe, compensate, comply, comply with, compose, compound, compromise, conclude, condition, confirm, conform, contribute, convenience, convert, coordinate, cop out, correct, correspond, counterbalance, counterpoise, countervail, cut to, defer, deform, denature, discipline, diversify, do a favor, do a service, do right by, domesticate, domesticize, domicile, domiciliate, donate, duck responsibility, encase, enclose, endow, entertain, equalize, equate, equip, establish, evade responsibility, even, even up, fall in with, familiarize, favor, favor with, fill, fill up, find, fit, fix, fix up, float a loan, follow, fund, furnish, furnish accommodations, gear to, gentle, give, give and take, give way, go by, go fifty-fifty, habituate, harbor, harden, harmonize, heal the breach, heap upon, hold, homologate, homologize, house, housebreak, humor, improve, indulge, indulge with, integrate, inure, invest, keep, key to, lavish upon, lease-lend, lend, lend-lease, level, loan, loan-shark, lodge, maintain, make a deal, make an adjustment, make available, make concessions, make conform, make plumb, make provision for, make uniform, make up, measure, mediate, meet, meet halfway, meliorate, mitigate, modify, modulate, mold, mutate, naturalize, negotiate a loan, oblige, observe, orient, orient the map, orientate, overthrow, patch things up, play politics, poise, pour on, prepare, present, proportion, provide, provide for, put in tune, put up, quadrate, qualify, quarter, re-create, reach a compromise, realign, rebuild, reconcile, reconstruct, recruit, rectify, redesign, refit, reform, regulate, remake, renew, replenish, reshape, resolve, restore harmony, restructure, reunite, revamp, revive, right, ring the changes, rub off corners, season, serve, set, set right, settle, settle differences, settle with, shape, shelter, shift the scene, show kindness to, shower down upon, shuffle the cards, similarize, smooth it over, split the difference, square, stock, store, straighten, straighten out, strike a balance, strike a bargain, submit, subsidize, subvert, suit, supply, support, surrender, sync, synchronize, tailor, take the mean, tally with, tame, train, treat well, trim to, true, true up, tune, turn the scale, turn the tables, turn the tide, turn upside down, vary, weave peace between, wont, work a change, work out, worsen, yield




VB be accordant, agree, accord, harmonize, correspond, tally, respond, meet, suit, fit, befit, do, adapt itself to, fall in with, chime in with, square with, quadrate with, consort with, comport with, dovetail, assimilate, fit like a glove, fit to a tittle, fit to a T, match, become one, homologate, consent, render accordant, fit, suit, adapt, accommodate, graduate, adjust, dress, regulate, readjust, accord, harmonize, reconcile, fadge, dovetail, square.


VB be equal, equal, match, reach, keep pace with, run abreast, come to, amount to, come up to, be on a level with, lie on a level with, balance, cope with, come to the same thing, render equal, equalize level, dress, balance, equate, handicap, give points, spot points, handicap, trim, adjust, poise, fit, accommodate, adapt, strike a balance, establish equality, restore equality, restore equilibrium, readjust, stretch on the bed of Procrustes.


VB aid, assist, help, succor, lend one's aid, come to the aid, of, contribute, subscribe to, bring aid, give aid, furnish aid, afford aid, supply aid, give a helping hand, stretch a hand, lend a helping hand, lend a hand, bear a helping hand, hold out a hand, hold out a helping hand, give one a life, give one a cast, give one a turn, take by the hand, take in tow, help a lame dog over a stile, lend wings to, relieve, rescue, set up, set agoing, set on one's legs, bear through, pull through, give new life to, be the making of, reinforce, reenforce, recruit, set forward, put forward, push forward, give a lift, give a shove, give an impulse to, promote, further, forward, advance expedite, speed, quicken, hasten, support, sustain, uphold, prop, hold up, bolster, cradle, nourish, nurture, nurse, dry nurse, suckle, put out to nurse, manure, cultivate, force, foster, cherish, foment, feed the flame, fan the flame, serve, do service to, tender to, pander to, administer to, subminister to, minister to, tend, attend, wait on, take care of, entertain, smooth the bed of death, oblige, accommodate, consult the wishes of, humor, cheer, encourage, second, stand by, back, back up, pay the piper, abet, work for, make interest for, stick up for, take up the cudgels for, take up the cause of, espouse the cause of, adopt the cause of, advocate, beat up for recruits, press into the service, squire, give moral support to, keep in countenance, countenance, patronize, lend oneself to, lend one's countenance to, smile upon, shine upon, favor, befriend, take in hand, enlist under the banners of, side with, be of use to, subserve, benefit, render a service, conduce.

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