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Adjective, Noun


Noun Supernatural has 1 sense

Adjective Supernatural has 1 sense


Supernaturala. [Pref. super- + natural: cf. OF. supernaturel, F. surnaturel.].
     Being beyond, or exceeding, the power or laws of nature; miraculous.  [1913 Webster]
    "That is supernatural, whether it be, that is either not in the chain of natural cause and effect, or which acts on the chain of cause and effect in nature, from without the chain."  [1913 Webster]
    "We must not view creation as supernatural, but we do look upon it as miraculous."  [1913 Webster]
The supernatural, whatever is above and beyond the scope, or the established course, of the laws of nature. “Nature and the supernatural.” H. Bushnell.
Syn. -- Preternatural.


Supernatural, adj. & n.
--adj. attributed to or thought to reveal some force above the laws of nature; magical; mystical.
--n. (prec. by the) supernatural, occult, or magical forces, effects, etc.

supernaturalism n. supernaturalist n. supernaturalize v.tr. (also -ise). supernaturally adv. supernaturalness n.



Christlike, Christly, abnormal, airy, anagogic, arcane, asomatous, astral, bodiless, cabalic, cabalistic, celestial, dark, decarnate, decarnated, discarnate, disembodied, divine, ectoplasmic, eerie, eeriness, elfdom, empyrean, esoteric, ethereal, etheric, exceptional, exorbitant, extramundane, extraordinary, extraterrestrial, extravagant, extreme, fabulous, faerie, fey, ghostish, ghostlike, ghostly, ghosty, godlike, godly, heavenly, hypernormal, hyperphysical, immaterial, immoderate, impalpable, imponderable, incarnate, incarnated, incorporate, incorporeal, inexplicable, inordinate, insubstantial, intangible, intercessional, intercessive, made flesh, magical, mediative, mediatory, metaphysic, metaphysical, miraculous, miraculousness, mysterious, mysteriousness, mystery, mystic, nonmaterial, nonphysical, numinous, numinousness, occult, otherworldliness, otherworldly, outstanding, paranormal, phantasmal, phantasmic, phantom, phantomic, phantomlike, phenomenal, preterhuman, preternatural, preternaturalism, preternormal, pretersensual, propitiative, propitiatory, psychic, rare, redemptive, remarkable, salvational, self-existent, shadowy, specterlike, spectral, spiritual, superhuman, superhumanity, superior, supermundane, supernaturalism, supernaturality, supernaturalness, supernature, supernormal, supernormalness, superphysical, superphysicalness, supersensible, supersensibleness, supersensual, supramundane, supranatural, supranaturalism, supranature, the occult, the supernatural, the supersensible, theosophical, theosophist, towering, transcendent, transcendental, transcendentalism, transmundane, ultramundane, uncanny, unconscionable, unearthliness, unearthly, unembodied, unexplainable, unextended, unfleshly, unhuman, unmeasurable, unnatural, unphysical, unreal, unsubstantial, unusual, unworldliness, unworldly, weird, witchery, wraithlike, wraithy




VB create, move, uphold, preserve, govern, atone, redeem, save, propitiate, mediate, predestinate, elect, call, ordain, bless, justify, sanctify, glorify Adj, almighty, holy, hallowed, sacred, divine, heavenly, celestial, sacrosanct, all-knowing, all-seeing, all-wise, omniscient, superhuman, supernatural, ghostly, spiritual, hyperphysical, unearthly, theistic, theocratic, anointed, soterial.

N deity, Divinity, Godhead, Godship, Omnipotence, Providence, Heaven (metonymically), divineness, divinity, God, Lord, Jehovah, Jahweh, Allah, The Almighty, The Supreme Being, The First Cause, the Prime Mover, Ens Entium, Author of all things, Creator of all things, Author of our being, Cosmoplast, El, The Infinite, The Eternal, The All-powerful, The All-wise, The All- merciful, The All-holy, infinite power, infinite wisdom, infinite goodness, infinite justice, infinite truth, infinite mercy, omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence, unity, immutability, holiness, glory, majesty, sovereignty, infinity, eternity, The Trinity, The Holy Trinity, The Trinity in Unity, The Triune God, God the Father Son and Holy Ghost, God the Father, The Maker, The Creator, The Preserver, creation, preservation, divine government, Theocracy, Thearchy, providence, ways of Providence, dealings of Providence, dispensations of Providence, visitations of Providence, God the Son, Jesus, Christ, The Messiah, The Anointed, The Saviour, the Redeemer, The Mediator, The Intercessor, The Advocate, The Judge, The Son of God, The Son of Man, The Son of David, The Lamb of God, The Word, Logos, Emmanuel, Immanuel, The King of Kings and Lord of Lords, The King of Glory, The Prince of Peace, The Good Shepherd, The Way, The Truth, The Life, The Bread of Life, The Light of the World, The Lord our, The Sun of Righteousness, The Pilot of the Galilean lake, The Incarnation, The Hypostatic Union, salvation, redemption, atonement, propitiation, mediation, intercession, judgment, God the Holy Ghost, The Holy Spirit, Paraclete, The Comforter, The Spirit of Truth, The Dove, inspiration, unction, regeneration, sanctification, consolation, eon, aeon, special providence, deus ex machina, avatar, almighty, holy, hallowed, sacred, divine, heavenly, celestial, sacrosanct, all-knowing, all-seeing, all-wise, omniscient, superhuman, supernatural, ghostly, spiritual, hyperphysical, unearthly, theistic, theocratic, anointed, soterial, Adj, jure divino, by divine right, Domine dirige nos, en Dieu est ma fiance, et sceleratis sol oritur, He mounts the storm and walks upon the wind, Thou great First Cause, least understood, sans Dieu rien.


N demon, daemon, demonry, demonology, evil genius, fiend, familiar, daeva, devil, bad spirit, unclean spirit, cacodemon, incubus, Eblis, shaitan, succubus, succuba, Frankenstein's monster, Titan, Shedim, Mephistopheles, Asmodeus, Moloch, Belial, Ahriman, fury, harpy, Friar Rush, vampire, ghoul, afreet, barghest, Loki, ogre, ogress, gnome, gin, jinn, imp, deev, lamia, bogie, bogeyman, bogle, nis, kobold, flibbertigibbet, fairy, brownie, pixy, elf, dwarf, urchin, Puck, Robin Goodfellow, leprechaun, Cluricaune, troll, dwerger, sprite, ouphe, bad fairy, nix, nixie, pigwidgeon, will-o'-the wisp, ghost, revenant, specter, apparition, spirit, shade, shadow, vision, hobglobin, goblin, orc, wraith, spook, boggart, banshee, loup-garou, lemures, evil eye, merman, mermaid, merfolk, siren, satyr, faun, manito, manitou, manitu, possession, demonic possession, diabolic possession, insanity, Maxwell's demon, demoniac, demonic, demonical, impish, demoniacal, fiendish, fiend-like, supernatural, weird, uncanny, unearthly, spectral, ghostly, ghost-like, elfin, elvin, elfish, elflike, haunted, pokerish, possessed, possessed by a devil, possessed by a demon, demonically.

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