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Noun, Verb (usu participle)


Noun Sue has 1 sense

Verb Sue has 1 sense

  • sue(v = verb.social) action, litigate, process - institute legal proceedings against; file a suit against; "He was warned that the district attorney would process him"; "She actioned the company for discrimination"
  • is one way to challenge
    Derived forms noun suer2, noun suit2
    Sample sentence:
    They Sue to move


Suev. t. [OE. suen, sewen, siwen, OF. sivre (pres.ind. 3d sing. il siut, suit, he follows, nous sevons we follow), LL. sequere, for L. sequi, secutus; akin to Gr. , Skr. sac to accompany, and probably to E. see, v.t. See See, v. t., and cf. Consequence, Ensue, Execute, Obsequious, Pursue, Second, Sect in religion, Sequence, Suit.].
  •  To follow up; to chase; to seek after; to endeavor to win; to woo.  [1913 Webster]
    "For yet there was no man that haddle him sued."  [1913 Webster]
    "I was beloved of many a gentle knight,
    And sued and sought with all the service due.
    "  [1913 Webster]
    "Sue me, and woo me, and flatter me."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To seek justice or right from, by legal process; to institute process in law against; to bring an action against; to prosecute judicially.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To clean, as the beak; -- said of a hawk.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To leave high and dry on shore; as, to sue a ship.  R. H. Dana, Jr.  [1913 Webster]
To sue out (Law), to petition for and take out, or to apply for and obtain; as, to sue out a writ in chancery; to sue out a pardon for a criminal.
Suev. i. 
  •  To seek by request; to make application; to petition; to entreat; to plead.  [1913 Webster]
    "By adverse destiny constrained to sue
    For counsel and redress, he sues to you.
    "  [1913 Webster]
    "Cæsar came to Rome to sue for the double honor of a triumph and the consulship."  [1913 Webster]
    "The Indians were defeated and sued for peace."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To prosecute; to make legal claim; to seek (for something) in law; as, to sue for damages.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To woo; to pay addresses as a lover.  Massinger.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To be left high and dry on the shore, as a ship.  R. H. Dana, Jr.  [1913 Webster]


Sue, v. (sues, sued, suing)
1 tr. (also absol.) Law institute legal proceedings against (a person).
2 tr. (also absol.) entreat (a person).
3 intr. (often foll. by to, for) Law make application to a lawcourt for redress.
4 intr. (often foll. by to, for) make entreaty to a person for a favour.
5 tr. (often foll. by out) make a petition in a lawcourt for and obtain (a writ, pardon, etc.).

suer n.
ME f. AF suer, siwer, etc. f. OF siu- etc. stem of sivre f. L sequi follow



address, angle for, apply to, beau, bid for, bring action against, bring into court, bring suit, bring to justice, bring to trial, call on, call upon, canvass, chase, circulate a petition, court, drag into court, esquire, fish for, follow, go into litigation, go to law, implead, law, lay siege to, litigate, look for, make suit to, memorialize, pay attention to, pay court to, petition, pop the question, pray, prefer a petition, prosecute, prosecute at law, pursue, put in suit, put on trial, seek, seek in law, seek justice, serenade, sign a petition, solicit, spark, squire, sue for, swain, sweetheart, take to court, woo




VB request, ask, beg, crave, sue, pray, petition, solicit, invite, pop the question, make bold to ask, beg leave, beg a boon, apply to, call to, put to, call upon, call for, make a request, address a request, prefer a request, put up a request, make a prayer, address a prayer, prefer a prayer, put up a prayer, make a petition, address a petition, prefer a petition, put up a petition, make application, make a requisition, ask trouble, ask one for, claim, offer up prayers, whistle for, beg hard, entreat, beseech, plead, supplicate, implore, conjure, adjure, obtest, cry to, kneel to, appeal to, invoke, evoke, impetrate, imprecate, ply, press, urge, beset, importune, dun, tax, clamor for, cry aloud, cry for help, fall on one's knees, throw oneself at the feet of, come down on one's marrowbones, beg from door to door, send the hat round, go a begging, mendicate, mump, cadge, beg one's bread, dance attendance on, besiege, knock at the door, bespeak, canvass, tout, make interest, court, seek, bid for, publish the banns.


VB go to law, appeal to the law, bring to justice, bring to trial, bring to the bar, put on trial, pull up, accuse, prefer a claim, file a claim, take the law of, inform against, serve with a writ, cite, apprehend, arraign, sue, prosecute, bring an action against, indict, impeach, attach, distrain, commit, arrest, summon, summons, give in charge, empanel a jury, implead, join issue, close the pleadings, set down for hearing, try, hear a cause, sit in judgment, adjudicate.

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