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Verb (transitive)


Verb Raze has 1 sense


Razen. [See Race.].
     A Shakespearean word (used once) supposed to mean the same as race, a root.  [1913 Webster]
Razev. t. [F. raser. See Rase, v. t.].
  •  To erase; to efface; to obliterate.  [1913 Webster]
    "Razing the characters of your renown."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To subvert from the foundation; to lay level with the ground; to overthrow; to destroy; to demolish.  [1913 Webster]
    "The royal hand that razed unhappy Troy."  [1913 Webster]
Syn. -- To demolish; level; prostrate; overthrow; subvert; destroy; ruin. See Demolish.


Raze, v.tr. (also rase)
1 completely destroy; tear down (esp. raze to the ground).
2 erase; scratch out (esp. in abstract senses).

ME rase = wound slightly f. OF raser shave close ult. f. L radere ras- scrape



ablate, abrade, abrase, align, bark, beat down, blot, blot out, blow down, blow over, bowl down, bowl over, break down, bring down, bulldog, bulldoze, burn down, cancel, cast down, chafe, chop down, cross out, cut down, dash down, decimate, deck, dele, delete, demolish, destroy, down, drop, efface, equalize, erase, erode, even, expunge, fell, fetch down, file, flatten, floor, flush, fray, frazzle, fret, gall, gnaw, gnaw away, grade, grate, graze, grind, ground, hew down, knock down, knock over, lay, lay down, lay flat, lay level, lay low, lay out, level, mow down, obliterate, precipitate, prostrate, pull down, rase, rasp, roll, roll flat, rub away, rub off, rub out, ruin, rule out, scour, scrape, scratch, scratch out, scrub, scuff, send headlong, skin, smash, smooth, smooth out, smoothen, sponge, sponge out, spread-eagle, steamroll, steamroller, strike out, supinate, take down, tear down, throw, throw down, topple, trip, tumble, unbuild, undo, unmake, wear, wear away, whack down, wipe out, wrack, wreck




VB be destroyed, perish, fall to the ground, tumble, topple, go to pieces, fall to pieces, break up, crumble to dust, go to the dogs, go to the wall, go to smash, go to shivers, go to wreck, go to pot, go to wrack and ruin, go by the board, go all to smash, be all over, be all up, be all with, totter to its fall, destroy, do away with, make away with, nullify, annual, sacrifice, demolish, tear up, overturn, overthrow, overwhelm, upset, subvert, put an end to, seal the doom of, do in, do for, dish, undo, break up, cut up, break down, cut down, pull down, mow down, blow down, beat down, suppress, quash, put down, do a job on, cut short, take off, blot out, dispel, dissipate, dissolve, consume, smash, crash, quell, squash, squelch, crumple up, shatter, shiver, batter to pieces, tear to pieces, crush to pieces, cut to pieces, shake to pieces, pull to pieces, pick to pieces, laniate, nip, tear to rags, tear to tatters, crush to atoms, knock to atoms, ruin, strike out, throw over, knock down over, fell, sink, swamp, scuttle, wreck, shipwreck, engulf, ingulf, submerge, lay in ashes, lay in ruins, sweep away, erase, wipe out, expunge, raze, level with the dust, level with the ground, waste, atomize, vaporize, deal destruction, desolate, devastate, lay waste, ravage gut, disorganize, dismantle, devour, swallow up, sap, mine, blast, bomb, blow to smithereens, drop the big one, confound, exterminate, extinguish, quench, annihilate, snuff out, put out, stamp out, trample out, lay in the dust, trample in the dust, prostrate, tread under foot, crush under foot, trample under foot, lay the ax to the root of, make short work of, make clean sweep of, make mincemeat of, cut up root and branch, chop into pieces, cut into ribbons, fling to the winds, scatter to the winds, throw overboard, strike at the root of, sap the foundations of, spring a mine, blow up, ravage with fire and sword, cast to the dogs, eradicate.


VB depress, lower, let down, take down, let down a peg, take down a peg, cast, let drop, let fall, sink, debase, bring low, abase, reduce, detrude, pitch, precipitate, overthrow, overturn, overset, upset, subvert, prostate, level, fell, cast down, take down, throw down, fling down, dash down, pull down, cut down, knock down, hew down, raze, raze to the ground, rase to the ground, trample in the dust, pull about one's ears, sit, sit down, couch, squat, crouch, stoop, bend, bow, courtesy, curtsy, bob, duck, dip, kneel, bend the knee, bow the knee, bend the head, bow the head, cower, recline.


VB efface, obliterate, erase, raze, rase, expunge, cancel, blot out, take out, rub out, scratch out, strike out, wipe out, wash out, sponge out, wipe off, rub off, wipe away, deface, render illegible, draw the pen through, apply the sponge, be effaced, leave no trace, leave not a rack behind.

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