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Adjective Precise has 2 senses


Precisea. [L. praecisus cut off, brief, concise, p. p. of praecidere to cut off in front, to cut off; prae before + caedere to cut: cf. F. précis. Cf. Concise.].
  •  Having determinate limitations; exactly or sharply defined or stated; definite; exact; nice; not vague or equivocal; as, precise rules of morality.  [1913 Webster]
    "The law in this point is not precise."  [1913 Webster]
    "For the hour precise
    Exacts our parting hence.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  Strictly adhering or conforming to rule; very nice or exact; punctilious in conduct or ceremony; formal; ceremonious.  Addison.  [1913 Webster]
    "He was ever precise in promise-keeping."  [1913 Webster]
Syn. -- Accurate; exact; definite; correct; scrupulous; punctilious; particular; nice; formal. See Accurate.


Precise, adj.
1 a accurately expressed. b definite, exact.
2 punctilious; scrupulous in being exact, observing rules, etc.
3 identical, exact (at that precise moment).

preciseness n.
F pr{eacute}cis -ise f. L praecidere praecis- cut short (as PRAE-, caedere cut)



absolute, accurate, appreciative, attentive, authentic, be precise, careful, censorious, certain, choicy, choosy, circumscribed, close, concrete, conscientious, constant, correct, critical, defined, definite, delicate, demanding, descend to particulars, detail, detailed, determinate, different, differential, direct, discriminate, discriminating, discriminative, distinct, distinctive, distinguished, distinguishing, esoteric, especial, even, exact, exacting, exceptional, exigent, explicit, express, exquisite, extraordinary, faithful, fastidious, fine, finical, finicking, finicky, fixed, full, fussy, genteel, individual, individualize, inerrable, inerrant, infallible, inflexible, inner, intimate, itemize, limited, literal, literatim, make precise, mathematical, methodical, meticulous, micrometrically precise, microscopic, minute, narrow, nice, noteworthy, orderly, particular, particularize, peculiarize, perfect, perfectionistic, personal, personalize, picayune, picky, pinpoint, precious, precisian, precisianistic, precisionist, precisionistic, prig, priggish, prim, prissy, private, proper, prudish, punctilious, punctual, puristic, puritanic, puritanical, refined, religious, religiously exact, respective, restricted, right, rigid, rigorous, scientific, scientifically exact, scrupulous, scrutinizing, selective, sensitive, several, severe, singular, solipsistic, special, specialize, specific, spell out, square, straitlaced, strict, stringent, stuffy, subtle, tactful, true, truthful, unambiguous, unbending, unconditional, undeviating, unequivocal, unerring, unyielding, veracious, verbatim, very, well-defined, word-for-word




N truth, fact, reality, plain fact, plain matter of fact, nature, truth, verity, gospel, gospel truth, God's honest truth, orthodoxy, authenticity, veracity, correctness, correctitude, accuracy, exactitude, exactness, preciseness, precision, delicacy, rigor, mathematical precision, punctuality, clockwork precision, conformity to rule, nicety, orthology, ipsissima verba, realism, plain truth, honest truth, sober truth, naked truth, unalloyed truth, unqualified truth, stern truth, exact truth, intrinsic truth, nuda veritas, the very thing, not an illusion, real Simon Pure, unvarnished tale, unvarnished truth, the truth the whole truth and nothing but the trut, just the thing, real, actual, veritable, true, right, correct, certain, substantially true, categorically true, definitively true, true to the letter, true as gospel, unimpeachable, veracious, unreconfuted, unconfuted, unideal, unimagined, realistic, exact, accurate, definite, precise, well-defined, just, just so, so, strict, severe, close, literal, rigid, rigorous, scrupulous, religiously exact, punctual, mathematical, scientific, faithful, constant, unerring, curious, particular, nice, delicate, fine, clean-cut, clear-cut, verified, empirically true, experimentally verified, substantiated, proven (demonstrated), rigorously true, unquestionably true, true by definition, genuine, authentic, legitimate, orthodox, official, ex officio, pure, natural, sound, sterling, unsophisticated, unadulterated, unvarnished, unalloyed, uncolored, in its true colors, pukka, well-grounded, well founded, solid, substantial, tangible, valid, undistorted, undisguised, unaffected, unexaggerated, unromantic, unflattering, truly, verily, indeed, really, in reality, with truth, certainly, actually, in effect, exactly, ad amussim, verbatim, verbatim et literatim, word for word, literally, literatim, totidem vervis, sic, to the letter, chapter and verse, ipsissimis verbis, ad unguem, to an inch, to a nicety, to a hair, to a tittle, to a turn, to a T, au pied de la lettre, neither more nor less, in every respect, in all respects, sous tous les rapports, at any rate, at all events, strictly speaking, the truth is, the fact is, rem acu tetigisti, en suivant la verite, ex facto jus oritur, la verita e figlia del empo, locos y ninos dicen la verdad, crazy people and children tell the truth, nihil est veritatis luce dulcius, veritas nunquam perit, veritatem dies aperit, the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, just the facts, ma'am, just the facts.

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