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Adjective Lucid has 4 senses


Lucida. [L. lucidus, fr. lux, lucis, light. See Light, n.].
  •  Shining; bright; resplendent; as, the lucid orbs of heaven.  [1913 Webster]
    "Lucid, like a glowworm."  [1913 Webster]
    "A court compact of lucid marbles."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Clear; transparent.  Milton.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Presenting a clear view; easily understood; clear.  [1913 Webster]
    "A lucid and interesting abstract of the debate."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Bright with the radiance of intellect; not darkened or confused by delirium or madness; marked by the regular operations of reason; as, a lucid interval.  [1913 Webster]
Syn. -- Luminous; bright; clear; transparent; sane; reasonable. See Luminous.


Lucid, adj.
1 expressing or expressed clearly; easy to understand.
2 of or denoting intervals of sanity between periods of insanity or dementia.
3 Bot. with a smooth shining surface.
4 poet. bright.

lucidity n. lucidly adv. lucidness n.
L lucidus (perh. through F lucide or It. lucido) f. lucere shine (as LUX)



Attic, Ciceronian, all there, apprehensible, balanced, beaming, bright, brilliant, chaste, classic, clean-cut, clear, clear as crystal, clear as day, clear-cut, clearheaded, clearminded, cloudless, coherent, compos mentis, comprehensible, connected, consistent, crisp, crystal, crystal-clear, crystalline, defined, definite, diaphane, diaphanous, direct, distinct, easy, effulgent, elegant, explicit, express, fathomable, filmy, finished, gauzy, gossamer, gossamery, graceful, gracile, graspable, healthy-minded, incandescent, intelligible, knowable, lambent, light, light-pervious, lightish, lightsome, limpid, loud and clear, lucent, luculent, luminous, lustrous, mentally sound, natural, neat, nonopaque, normal, of sound mind, peekaboo, pellucid, perspicuous, plain, polished, pure, radiant, rational, reasonable, refined, refulgent, relucent, restrained, revealing, right, round, sane, sane-minded, see-through, semipellucid, semitranslucent, sensible, serene, sheer, simple, sound, sound-minded, straightforward, tasteful, terse, thin, together, translucent, translucid, transparent, transpicuous, trim, unaffected, unambiguous, unclouded, unconfused, unequivocal, univocal, unlabored, unmistakable, unobscured, well-defined, wholesome




N perspicuity, perspicuousness, plain speaking, definiteness, definition, exactness, explicitness, lucidness, lucid, explicit, exact.


N light, ray, beam, stream, gleam, streak, pencil, sunbeam, moonbeam, aurora, day, sunshine, light of day, light of heaven, moonlight, starlight, sunlight, daylight, broad daylight, noontide light, noontide, noonday, noonday sun, glow, glimmering, glint, play of light, flood of light, phosphorescence, lambent flame, flush, halo, glory, nimbus, aureola, spark, scintilla, facula, sparkling, emication, scintillation, flash, blaze, coruscation, fulguration, flame, lightning, levin, ignis fatuus, luster, sheen, shimmer, reflexion, reflection, gloss, tinsel, spangle, brightness, brilliancy, splendor, effulgence, refulgence, fulgor, fulgidity, dazzlement, resplendence, transplendency, luminousness, luminosity, lucidity, renitency, nitency, radiance, radiation, irradiation, illumination, actinic rays, actinism, Roentgen-ray, Xray, photography, heliography, photometer, optics, photology, photometry, dioptrics, catoptrics, chiaroscuro, clairobscur, clear obscure, breadth, light and shade, black and white, tonality, reflection, refraction, dispersion, refractivity, shining, luminous, luminiferous, lucid, lucent, luculent, lucific, luciferous, light, lightsome, bright, vivid, splendent, nitid, lustrous, shiny, beamy, scintillant, radiant, lambent, sheen, sheeny, glossy, burnished, glassy, sunny, orient, meridian, noonday, tide, cloudless, clear, unclouded, unobscured, gairish, garish, resplendent, transplendent, refulgent, effulgent, fulgid, fulgent, relucent, splendid, blazing, in a blaze, ablaze, rutilant, meteoric, phosphorescent, aglow, bright as silver, light as day, bright as day, light as noonday, bright as noonday, bright as the sun at noonday, actinic, photogenic, graphic, heliographic, heliophagous, a day for gods to stoop and men to soar, dark with excessive bright.


N transparence, transparency, clarity, translucence, translucency, diaphaneity, lucidity, pellucidity, limpidity, fluorescence, transillumination, translumination, transparent medium, glass, crystal, lymph, vitrite, water, transparent, pellucid, lucid, diaphanous, translucent, tralucent, relucent, limpid, clear, serene, crystalline, clear as crystal, vitreous, transpicuous, glassy, hyaline, hyaloid, vitreform.


N sanity, soundness, rationality, sobriety, lucidity, lucid interval, senses, sober senses, right mind, sound mind, mens sana, sane, rational, reasonable, compos mentis, of sound mind, sound, sound-minded, lucid, self-possessed, sober, sober-minded, in one's sober senses, in one's right mind, in possession of one's faculties, sanely.


N intelligibility, clearness, explicitness, lucidity, comprehensibility, perspicuity, legibility, plain speaking, precision, phonanta synetoisy, a word to the wise, intelligible, clear, clear as day, clear as noonday, lucid, perspicuous, transpicuous, luminous, transparent, easily understood, easy to understand, for the million, intelligible to the meanest capacity, popularized, plain, distinct, explicit, positive, definite, graphic, expressive, illustrative, unambiguous, unequivocal, unmistakable, unconfused, legible, recognizable, obvious, in plain terms, in plain words, in plain English, he that runs may read.

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