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Verb (transitive)


Verb Eliminate has 7 senses


Eliminatev. t. [L. eliminatus, p. p. of eliminare; e out + limen threshold; prob. akin to limes boundary. See Limit.].
  •  To put out of doors; to expel; to discharge; to release; to set at liberty.  [1913 Webster]
    "Eliminate my spirit, give it range
    Through provinces of thought yet unexplored.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  To cause to disappear from an equation; as, to eliminate an unknown quantity.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To set aside as unimportant in a process of inductive inquiry; to leave out of consideration.  [1913 Webster]
    "Eliminate errors that have been gathering and accumulating."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To obtain by separating, as from foreign matters; to deduce; as, to eliminate an idea or a conclusion.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To separate; to expel from the system; to excrete; as, the kidneys eliminate urea, the lungs carbonic acid; to eliminate poison from the system.  [1913 Webster]


Eliminate, v.tr.
1 remove, get rid of.
2 exclude from consideration; ignore as irrelevant.
3 exclude from further participation in a competition etc. on defeat.
4 Physiol. discharge (waste matter).
5 Chem. remove (a simpler substance) from a compound.
6 Algebra remove (a quantity) by combining equations.

eliminable adj. elimination n. eliminator n. eliminatory adj.
L eliminare (as E-, limen liminis threshold)



abandon, abscind, abstract, amputate, annihilate, assassinate, ban, bar, bate, blow, blow out, bob, cast, cast aside, cast away, cast off, cast out, chuck, clean out, clear, clear away, clear off, clear out, clear the decks, clip, count out, crop, cull, cut, cut away, cut off, cut out, debar, deep-six, defecate, delete, deplete, deport, deracinate, discard, discharge, dismiss, dispel, dispose of, ditch, do away with, dock, drain, dump, effuse, egest, eighty-six, eject, elide, emit, empty, empty out, enucleate, eradicate, erase, evacuate, evict, except, excise, exclude, excrete, exhaust, exile, expatriate, expel, expunge, exterminate, extinguish, extirpate, extravasate, exudate, exude, fling off, freeze out, get quit of, get rid of, get shut of, give away, give off, isolate, jettison, jilt, knock off, liquidate, lop, murder, mutilate, nip, oust, outlaw, pare, part with, pass, peel, pick out, prune, purge, reject, remove, root out, root up, rule out, scour out, secrete, set apart, set aside, shake off, shave, shear, shoo, shut out, slough, stamp out, strike off, strike out, strip, strip off, suspend, sweep away, sweep out, take off, take out, throw away, throw off, throw out, throw over, throw overboard, toss overboard, transude, truncate, unclog, unfoul, uproot, vent, void, weed out, weep, wipe out




VB subduct, subtract, deduct, deduce, bate, retrench, remove, withdraw, take from, take away, detract, garble, mutilate, amputate, detruncate, cut off, cut away, cut out, abscind, excise, pare, thin, prune, decimate, abrade, scrape, file, geld, castrate, eliminate, diminish, curtail, deprive of, weaken.


VB render simple, simplify, sift, winnow, bolt, eliminate, exclude, get rid of, clear, purify, disentangle.


VB be excluded from, exclude, bar, leave out, shut out, bar out, reject, repudiate, blackball, lay apart, put apart, set apart, lay aside, put aside, relegate, segregate, throw overboard, strike off, strike out, neglect, banish, separate, pass over, omit, garble, eliminate, weed, winnow, be secluded, live secluded, keep aloof, stand, hold oneself aloof, keep in the background, stand in the background, keep snug, shut oneself up, deny oneself, seclude oneself creep into a corner, rusticate, aller planter ses choux, retire, retire from the world, take the veil, abandon, sport one's oak, cut, cut dead, refuse to associate with, refuse to acknowledge, look cool upon, turn one's back upon, shut the door upon, repel, blackball, excommunicate, exclude, exile, expatriate, banish, outlaw, maroon, ostracize, proscribe, cut off from, send to Coventry, keep at arm's length, draw a cordon round, depopulate, dispeople, unpeople.


VB be few, render few, reduce, diminish the number, weed, eliminate, cull, thin, decimate.


VB give exit, give vent to, let out, give out, pour out, squeeze out, send out, dispatch, despatch, exhale, excern, excrete, embogue, secrete, secern, extravasate, shed, void, evacuation, emit, open the sluices, open the floodgates, turn on the tap, extrude, detrude, effuse, spend, expend, pour forth, squirt, spirt, spurt, spill, slop, perspire, breathe, blow, tap, draw off, bale out, lade out, let blood, broach, eject, reject, expel, discard, cut, send to coventry, boycott, chasser, banish, bounce, fire, fire out, throw, throw out, throw up, throw off, throw away, throw aside, push, throw out, throw off, throw away, throw aside, shovel out, shovel away, sweep out, sweep away, brush off, brush away, whisk off, whisk away, turn off, turn away, send off, send away, discharge, send adrift, turn adrift, cast adrift, turn out, bundle out, throw overboard, give the sack to, send packing, send about one's business, send to the right about, strike off the roll, turn out neck and heels, turn out head and shoulders, turn out neck and crop, pack off, send away with a flea in the ear, send to Jericho, bow out, show the door to, turn out of doors, turn out of house and home, evict, oust, unhouse, unkennel, dislodge, unpeople, dispeople, depopulate, relegate, deport, empty, drain to the dregs, sweep off, clear off, clear out, clear away, suck, draw off, clean out, make a clean sweep of, clear decks, purge, embowel, disbowel, disembowel, eviscerate, gut, unearth, root out, root up, averuncate, weed out, get out, eliminate, get rid of, do away with, shake off, exenterate, vomit, throw up, regurgitate, spew, puke, keck, retch, heave, upchuck, chuck up, barf, belch out, cast up, bring up, be sick, get sick, worship the porcelain god, disgorge, expectorate, clear the throat, hawk, spit, sputter, splutter, slobber, drivel, slaver, slabber, eructate, drool, unpack, unlade, unload, unship, offload, break bulk, dump, be let out, spew forth, erupt, ooze.


VB extract, draw, take out, draw out, pull out, tear out, pluck out, pick out, get out, wring from, wrench, extort, root up, weed up, grub up, rake up, root out, weed out, grub out, rake out, eradicate, pull up by the roots, pluck up by the roots, averruncate, unroot, uproot, pull up, extirpate, dredge, remove, educe, elicit, evolve, extricate, eliminate, eviscerate, express, squeeze out, press out.

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