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Noun Broker has 1 sense

Verb Broker has 1 sense


Brokern. [OE. brocour, from a word akin to broken, bruken, to use, enjoy, possess, digest, fr. AS. br to use, enjoy; cf. Fries. broker, F. brocanteur. See Brook, v. t.].
  •  One who transacts business for another; an agent.  [1913 Webster]
  •  An agent employed to effect bargains and contracts, as a middleman or negotiator, between other persons, for a compensation commonly called brokerage. He takes no possession, as broker, of the subject matter of the negotiation. He generally contracts in the names of those who employ him, and not in his own.  Story.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A dealer in money, notes, bills of exchange, etc.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A dealer in secondhand goods.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A pimp or procurer.  Shak.  [1913 Webster]
Bill broker, one who buys and sells notes and bills of exchange. -- Curbstone broker or Street broker, an operator in stocks (not a member of the Stock Exchange) who executes orders by running from office to office, or by transactions on the street. [U.S.] -- Exchange broker, one who buys and sells uncurrent money, and deals in exchanges relating to money. -- Insurance broker, one who is agent in procuring insurance on vessels, or against fire. -- Pawn broker. See Pawnbroker. -- Real estate broker, one who buys and sells lands, and negotiates loans, etc., upon mortgage. -- Ship broker, one who acts as agent in buying and selling ships, procuring freight, etc. -- Stock broker. See Stockbroker.


Broker, n.
1 an agent who buys and sells for others; a middleman.
2 a member of the Stock Exchange dealing in stocks and shares.

In the UK from Oct. 1986 officially called broker-dealer and entitled to act as agent and principal in share dealings.
3 Brit. an official appointed to sell or appraise distrained goods.
ME f. AF brocour, of unkn. orig.



Realtor, Wall Streeter, agent, arbitrator, bill broker, bond crowd, cambist, connection, contact, cotton broker, curb broker, dealer, diamond broker, discount broker, distributor, estate agent, floor broker, floor trader, floorman, furniture broker, go-between, grain broker, hotel broker, insurance broker, interagent, interceder, intercessor, intermediary, intermediate, intermediator, intermedium, internuncio, interpleader, jobber, land broker, liaison, link, mediary, mediator, medium, middleman, money broker, money changer, mortgage broker, negotiant, negotiator, note broker, odd-lot dealer, pawnbroker, pit man, real estate agent, real estate broker, registered representative, sharebroker, ship broker, specialist, stock dealer, stock-exchange broker, stockbroker, stockjobber, tie, two-dollar broker, wholesaler




N consignee, trustee, nominee, committee, agent, delegate, commissary, commissioner, emissary, envoy, commissionaire, messenger, diplomatist, diplomat, diplomate, corps diplomatique, embassy, ambassador, embassador, representative, resident, consul, legate, nuncio, internuncio, charge d'affaires, attache, vicegerent, plenipotentiary, functionary, placeman, curator, treasurer, factor, bailiff, clerk, secretary, attorney, advocate, solicitor, proctor, broker, underwriter, commission agent, auctioneer, one's man of business, factotum, caretaker, dalal, dubash, garnishee, gomashta, negotiator, go-between, middleman, under agent, employe, servant, referee, arbitrator, traveler, bagman, commis-voyageur, touter, commercial traveler, drummer, traveling man, newspaper correspondent, own correspondent, special correspondent.


N merchant, trader, dealer, monger, chandler, salesman, changer, regrater, shopkeeper, shopman, tradesman, tradespeople, tradesfolk, retailer, chapman, hawker, huckster, higgler, pedlar, colporteur, cadger, Autolycus, sutler, vivandiere, costerman, costermonger, tallyman, camelot, faker, vintner, money broker, money changer, money lender, cambist, usurer, moneyer, banker, jobber, broker, buyer, seller, bear, bull, concern, firm.

Stock Market

N stock market, stock exchange, securities exchange, bourse, board, the big board, the New York Stock Exchange, the market, the open market, over-the-counter market, privately traded issues, commodities exchange, futures exchange, futures market, the pit, the floor, ticker, stock ticker, quotation, stock index, market index, the Dow Jones Index, the Dow Industrials, the transportation index, utilities, the utilities index, the New York Stock Exchange index, the Nikkei index, the Financial Times index, the FTI, the over-the-counter index, NASDAQ index, broker, stockbroker, jobber, stock dealer, odd-lot dealer, specialist, investor, speculator, operator, bull, buyer, bear, short seller, scalper, arbitrager, arbitrageur, stockholder, share-holder, stockholder of record, bond holder, coupon- clipper, investment, speculation.

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