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Noun Bounty has 4 senses


Bountyn. [OE. bounte goodness, kindness, F. bonté, fr. L. bonitas, fr. bonus good, for older duonus; cf. Skr. duvas honor, respect.].
  •  Goodness, kindness; virtue; worth.  [1913 Webster]
    "Nature set in her at once beauty with bounty."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Liberality in bestowing gifts or favors; gracious or liberal giving; generosity; munificence.  [1913 Webster]
    "My bounty is as boundless as the sea."  [1913 Webster]
  •  That which is given generously or liberally.  Cowper.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A premium offered or given to induce men to enlist into the public service; or to encourage any branch of industry, as husbandry or manufactures.  [1913 Webster]
Bounty jumper, one who, during the latter part of the Civil War, enlisted in the United States service, and deserted as soon as possible after receiving the bounty. [Collog.] -- Queen Anne's bounty (Eng. Hist.), a provision made in Queen Anne's reign for augmenting poor clerical livings.
Syn. -- Munificence; generosity; beneficence.


Bounty, n. (pl. -ies)
1 liberality; generosity.
2 a gift or reward, made usu. by the State, esp.: a a sum paid for a valiant act. b a sum paid to encourage a trading enterprise etc. c a sum paid to army or navy recruits on enlistment.

bounty-hunter a person who pursues a criminal or seeks an achievement for the sake of the reward. King's (or Queen's) bounty hist. a grant made to a mother of triplets.
ME f. OF bont{eacute} f. L bonitas -tatis f. bonus good



n. The liberality of one who has much, in permitting one who has nothing to get all that he can.

A single swallow, it is said, devours ten millions of insects
every year. The supplying of these insects I take to be a signal
instance of the Creator's bounty in providing for the lives of His
Henry Ward Beecher



Trinkgeld, aid, alimony, allotment, allowance, annuity, assistance, award, beneficence, bigheartedness, bonus, bonus system, bounteousness, bountifulness, bribe, charitableness, charity, consideration, depletion allowance, dole, donative, double time, easy purse strings, endowment, fee, fellowship, financial assistance, free hand, freedom, freehandedness, freeheartedness, freeness, fringe benefit, generosity, generousness, gift, givingness, goodness, graciousness, grant, grant-in-aid, gratuity, gravy, grease, great heart, greatheartedness, guaranteed annual income, help, honorarium, hospitality, incentive pay, inducement, lagniappe, largeheartedness, largeness, largess, largesse, liberality, liberalness, magnanimity, munificence, old-age insurance, open hand, open heart, openhandedness, openheartedness, overtime pay, palm oil, pecuniary aid, pension, perks, perquisite, perquisites, philanthropy, pourboire, premium, present, price support, public assistance, public welfare, relief, retirement benefits, reward, salve, scholarship, solatium, something extra, sportula, stipend, subsidization, subsidy, subvention, support, sweetener, tax benefit, tip, unselfishness, welcome, welfare, welfare aid, welfare payments




N giving, bestowal, bestowment, donation, presentation, presentment, accordance, concession, delivery, consignment, dispensation, communication, endowment, investment, investiture, award, almsgiving, charity, liberality, generosity, gift, donation, present, cadeau, fairing, free gift, boon, favor, benefaction, grant, offering, oblation, sacrifice, immolation, lagniappe, pilon, grace, act of grace, bonus, allowance, contribution, subscription, subsidy, tribute, subvention, bequest, legacy, devise, will, dotation, dot, appanage, voluntary settlement, voluntary conveyance, amortization, alms, largess, bounty, dole, sportule, donative, help, oblation, offertory, honorarium, gratuity, Peter pence, sportula, Christmas box, Easter offering, vail, douceur, drink money, pourboire, trinkgeld, bakshish, fee, consideration, bribe, bait, ground bait, peace offering, handsel, boodle, graft, grease, blat, giver, grantor, donor, feoffer, settlor, giving, given, allowed, allowable, concessional, communicable, charitable, eleemosynary, sportulary, tributary, gratis, donative, auctor pretiosa facit, ex dono, res est ingeniosa dare.


N liberality, generosity, munificence, bounty, bounteousness, bountifulness, hospitality, charity, liberal, free, generous, charitable, hospitable, bountiful, bounteous, handsome, unsparing, ungrudging, unselfish, open handed, free handed, full handed, open hearted, large hearted, free hearted, munificent, princely, overpaid, handsome is that handsome does.


N benevolence, Christian charity, God's love, God's grace, good will, philanthropy, unselfishness, good nature, good feeling, good wishes, kindness, kindliness, loving-kindness, benignity, brotherly love, charity, humanity, fellow-feeling, sympathy, goodness of heart, warmth of heart, bonhomie, kind-heartedness, amiability, milk of human kindness, tenderness, love, friendship, toleration, consideration, generosity, mercy, charitableness, bounty, almsgiving, good works, beneficence, the luxury of doing good, acts of kindness, a good turn, good offices, kind offices good treatment, kind treatment, good Samaritan, sympathizer, bon enfant, altruist, benevolent, kind, kindly, well-meaning, amiable, obliging, accommodating, indulgent, gracious, complacent, good-humored, warm-hearted, kind-hearted, tender-hearted, large-hearted, broad- hearted, merciful, charitable, beneficent, humane, benignant, bounteous, bountiful, good-natured, well-natured, spleenless, sympathizing, sympathetic, complaisant, well-meant, well-intentioned, fatherly, motherly, brotherly, sisterly, paternal, maternal, fraternal, sororal, friendly, with a good intention, with the best intentions, Int, Godspeed!, much good may it do!, act a charity sometimes, a tender heart, a will inflexible, de mortuis nil nisi bonum, say only good things about the dead, don't speak ill of the dead, kind words are more than coronets, quando amigo pide no hay manana, the social smile, the sympathetic tear.

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